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Mercury 2013 Nominees – Disclosure’s Gear

Mercury 2013 Nominees – Disclosure’s Gear

Not even out of teenage years and nominated for the Mercury prize – we take a look at some of Disclosure’s gear…

Mercury Prize 2013 – Disclosure’s Gear

The duo of brothers that make up electronic act Disclosure may well be the youngest nominees that the Mercury prize has ever seen, with their album ‘Settle’. Guy and Howard Lawrence are just 19 and 22, respectively. And yet, they’re already hailed as one of the most exciting things to happen in UK dance music for some time.

With a blend rooted in the classic sounds of UK garage, but with sonic elements that nod towards current cutting edge scenes, the two lads have a sound all their own, and clearly, very mature heads on young shoulders…

Mercury 2013 Nominees – Disclosure’s Gear

So, what can we expect to find amongst Disclosure’s gear?


In the studio, the guys are known to be fans of Apple Logic. For live shows, however, they use (you guessed it), Ableton Live. And why not? There still is very little to match Ableton’s clip-firing, audio bending, performance flexibility. Or it’s rock-solid audio engine, for that matter…

Mercury 2013 Nominees – Disclosure’s Gear - Ableton Live


If you’re going to use Ableton Live, er… live, then you need a pretty good controller to keep a handle on it. This is where the excellent Akai APC40 steps in…

The first dedicated Ableton controller is still an impressive affair. Though bigger than some, it packs nine faders, sixteen rotary controls, and plenty of function buttons. These nestle alongside the grid of trigger buttons, which control Ableton’s session view. Buttons light according to status, mirroring the computer screen.

Mercury 2013 Nominees – Disclosure’s Gear - APC40

The lads try to keep things as ‘live’ as possible (unlike many electronic acts…) Guy is a drummer, so percussion plays a big part in achieving this. There are many drum triggers littered around the stage, but at the hub of this is a Roland SPD-SX sampling drum pad. This neat unit, derived from the classic Octapads of old, has nine velocity sensitive pads, which can be used to trigger one-shots, loops phrases or whole tracks.

Mercury 2013 Nominees – Disclosure’s Gear - Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

There are also quite a few hardware synths amongst Disclosure’s gear. A Moog Little Phatty (sadly recently discontinued) features, as does the, now practically vintage, Korg X5D.

Mercury 2013 Nominees – Disclosure’s Gear  - Roland Gaia SH-01

The Roland GAIA SH-01 also takes centre stage in their live shows, too. This great little synth offers 3-oscillator architecture, each with independently controllable signal paths. Operating much like an analogue synth, and based on subtractive synthesis, the GAIA is a bit of a modern-day classic.

Furthering the ‘live’ credentials of a Disclosure performance, Lawrence plays a Fender Precision Bass.

There are plenty of other bits and pieces the lads use when performing (including shakey eggs!), but this covers most of the main items…

Stay posted for more gear lists 😉

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