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You might not have heard of Merida Guitars (yet), but we’re sure you’re going to love them as much as we do…

One of the great things about the music trade shows that go on throughout the year is the many amazing, but unknown suppliers that exhibit their wares, and Merida guitars is great example of this.

Our purchasing team were utterly bowled over when they stumbled across this eastern guitar brand, and rightfully so. It was difficult to comprehend how a manufacturer of such great acoustic guitars could be unknown.

As a result of this encounter, Dawsons are now stocking a wide selection of these excellent guitars- you should see them appearing in stores as we speak.

As an introduction, here’s a little bit more about Merida guitars.

Merida Guitars Trajan T5

It all started in Spain…

Merida guitars, as the name may suggest, have strong ties to the birthplace of guitars, Spain. The company CEO visited the Roman Village of Merida in the west of Spain, and was inspired.

Drawing influence from the surrounding architecture, some of the unique design touches of the Merida guitar range came into being: their distinctive elliptical rosette was inspired by the Merida Amphitheatre.

The Puente Romano Bridge inspired the bracing now used on both Merida’s classical and acoustic ranges of guitars.

The resulting instruments are of astonishing quality and playability, but this is no accident. Though the Merida brand has only been established since 2010, the factory has been one of China’s premium guitar builders for a far longer period. This experience has been paired with traditional craftsmanship to create guitars of incredible quality.

Merida Guitars Nueva Granada NG-15

Dawsons is stocking a wide range of Merida guitars, both classical and steel-strung, with a broad range of price points.

One of the things that attracted our purchasing team to the brand, aside from the excellent quality and value, was the fact that the range encompasses traditionally styled models and more unusually styled instruments.

Merida Guitars Diana DC-15BK

We’re really rather excited about Merida guitars. Why not view them online or head over to one of our stores, and see why? Alternatively, call our customer service team (01925 582420) for more information.