Metallica TC Electronic Guitar Rig Revealed

The TC Electronic Guitar Rig that powers the Metallica live show has been revealed

TC Electronic Guitar technology has been behind the juggernaut tone of the Metallica live show for some decades. Despite this, no manufacturer has ever had the privilege of getting up-close and personal with the band’s rig. Until now…

TC Electronic Guitar Effects - G-Major 2

TC Electronic G-Major 2 – £325

One piece of TC Electronic guitar gear that has become a cornerstone of the Metallica tone is the G-Major 2 effects processor. Taking over from the original G-Major, the v2 model is a powerhouse effects unit in a single unit rack. The unit was designed by guitarists to offer the very best of TC Electronic’s world leading effects (six simultaneous FX units) from their flagship units.  From reverb, to modulation, delays and more, the unit also offers unbeatable routing options and unparalleled control alongside.

Aside from sounding great, and providing the range of tones behind the world’s no.1 rock band, the G-Major 2 provides the ability to switch amp channels via relay, and switch presets via MIDI, and control parameters via expression controllers.

TC Electronic Guitar Processors - G-Major 2

The G-Major 2 has been behind some of the most iconic Metallica guitar sounds (One, Nothing Else Matters, Fade To Black, and countless others)- why not try this awesome piece of tech, and find out why?