We explore the awesome semi-modular temptress that is the Moog Matriarch; laying down the law in stylish fashion for all to marvel at. Enjoy!

Moog keep ’em coming with the splendid Matriarch

Never failing to disappoint at the their annual Moogfest, Moog dropped the 49-key, four-voice Paraphonic synth masterpiece that is the Matriarch. Drawing inspiration from vintage circuity of classic Moog synth modules, there’s a vast universe to be explored across a relatively compact yet breathtakingly versatile control layout.

Semi-modular wonderment

Moog Matriarch Semi-Modular Paraphonic Synth Front

Moog’s Matriarch is a patchable 4-note paraphonic analog synth with (from left to right across the top panel) built-in Sequencer, Arpeggiator, stereo Ladder Filters, Envelope Generators, and stereo Analog Delay. The beauty of its design is that you can get stuck into creating densely packed soundscapes without having to patch anything in. That being said, there are a whopping 90 mini-jack patch points along the top panel to get your creative juices flowing.

Paraphonic party piece

Moog Matriarch Semi-Modular Paraphonic Synth Filters

Boasting four oscillators, the Matriarch allows you to sequence and/or perform in mono, duo and 4-note paraphonic modes, giving you the ability to play chords and layer up lavish sequences as complex as you like. Each oscillator features independent frequency, tuning, and waveform dials to give you buckets of sonic potential.

Thanks to the stereo analog filter and voltage-controlled bucket brigade-based stereo delay, you can also create delightful ping-pong style panning effects, soaring filtering and mind-altering reverbs. The 100-percent analog signal path takes in everything from raucous overdriven monophonic bass to punchy paraphonic punctuations.

Enviable playability

Moog Matriarch Semi-Modular Paraphonic Synth Stereo Delay

Having dials, faders, knobs, and patch points to play with wouldn’t be anything without a comfortable velocity-sensitive keyboard to navigate and classic jogwheels for Pitch Bend and Modulation. With a 256-step sequencer you can run patterns aplenty, shifting them at will and utilising the patch point potential set out in front of you to cultivate epic sounds.

Happy alone, plays well with others

Moog Matriarch Semi-Modular Paraphonic Synth Rear

Though you can readily craft impressive compositions with the Matriarch alone, Moog equip it with more than enough connectivity to ensure that it can take its rightful place at the heart of the most elaborate setup. Whether you’re live on the stage or putting together your magnum opus, the Moog Matriarch is an ideal processor of external sound sources, giving you intricate keyboard control over DFAM, Mother-32, Grandmother or Eurorack modular systems.

Matriarch: Place / Time / Memory

If you want to hear what it is capable of, check out this stunning video where four artists/composer/multi-instrumentalists/producers/sound designers including Lisa Bella Donna, Sarah Schachner, Paris Strother, and Max Ravitz, put the Moog Matriarch through its paces in their own enigmatic styles.

Standout Features
Voice Mode Mono, duo, and 4-note paraphonic playability
Analog Delay Stereo analog delay w/ up to 700ms of MIDI sync-able stereo or ping/pong style repeats
Sequencer 256 step sequencer w/ up to 4 notes per step and 12 stored patterns. Can be decoupled from Matriarch to independently sequence external gear
Arpeggiator Arpeggiator with selectable modes (Order, Forward/Backward, Random)
Semi-Modular Design Semi-modular analog synthesizer – no patching required


Quick Specs
Type Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
Sound Engine 100% Analog
Number of Keys 49 Full-Size Keys
Type of Keys Velocity-sensing with Aftertouch (Velocity and Aftertouch are not hard-wired – available via MIDI, KBD VEL OUT and KB AT OUT jacks)
Other Controllers Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Variable Glide, Expression pedal in to CV out, and Sustain Pedal in
Polyphony Monophonic, 2-Note Paraphonic, and 4-Note Paraphonic


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