Gifts for the budding rockstars in your life

Any parent will know that most kids fall into one of two brackets come birthday or Christmas time. There are those kids who are extremely vocal about the things they like and don’t like. All year long, at any given opportunity, parents of kids in this bracket could name at least 10 things their son or daughter would wet their pants with excitement at receiving. Whether it’s regular ‘subtle’ hints or outright, brazen begging, these youngsters are easy to buy for. On the other hand, there are the kids who throw curveballs. “I want a spaceship” or “I really like dinosaurs…” These kinds of dreams are clearly harder for a parent to fulfil, no matter how much they would want to.

Another idea which crops up in many kids’ lives is the desire to be a musician. Perhaps they see mum or dad playing an instrument, see friends or bigger kids play, or even watch bands on TV and think they want to start. And whilst we can’t help with sourcing dinosaurs or spaceships, we can certainly help out with some great musical gifts for kids. Let’s take a look at a few good options.

Image of a childrens drum kit with stool

Mirage JDK Junior 5 Piece Kit Bundle

For younger kids who have their eyes on learning the drums, you can’t really go wrong with the Mirage JDK Junior 5 Piece Drum Kit. The scaled-down dimensions make it perfect for youngsters to hone their skills on without having to extend as far as they would on an adult-sized kit.

The Mirage JDK Junior 5 piece comes with a kick drum, snare drum, three toms, hi-hat and crash cymbals, as well as a kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand and drum throne – everything your child needs to get their drum career off to a flying start! It is also available in three popular colours of red, blue and black.

Image of an electric guitar with amp and accessories

Redwood RS2 G10 Beginners Electric Guitar and Amp Package

The Redwood RS2 G10 Beginners Electric Guitar and Amp Pack offers a one-stop solution for those who want to kick start their guitar playing journey in style. The ergonomically shaped Redwood RS2 guitar is built to a accommodate players of all ages with heavenly curves in all the right places for a figure-hugging feel. The versatile electronics setup makes this a veritable chameleon, which is great for those exploring different musical styles.

The Redwood G10 guitar amp combo matches the tonal versatility of the guitar by offering clean and overdriven channel options, as well as EQ knobs for shaping your tone with deft precision. From practising at home to jamming with friends, it is the perfect companion.

What’s more we’ve included a gig bag, plectrums, a cable and strap, as well as a chromatic tuner to ensure that you’re good to go.

Image of an acoustic ukulele

Redwood S20 Ukulele

Another fantastic instrument for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros is the rather fun looking Redwood S20 ukulele. We go into a bit more detail here about the different types of ukuleles available, but the key thing to note is that they are growing ever more popular, particularly as more and more schools introduce them in place of recorders for early years music lessons.

Ukuleles are the perfect combination of a small body, fewer strings (which make chords a doddle even for tiny hands), and a low learning curve which means anyone can start making great music with just a few basic techniques.

Image of a portable keyboard

Yamaha YPT-260 Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha YPT-260 Portable Keyboard is the ideal starter instrument for budding pianists of the future. Little ones can develop their technique using fun programs that will encourage them along the way. With over 400 high-quality voices that include pianos, guitars, drums and orchestral instruments, youngsters can flex their creative chops.

The YPT-260 portable keyboard is compact and portable, making it easily transportable between the home and classroom, and can be taken on holiday or to recitals. With 100 auto accompaniment styles built-in with real-time band backing tracks that are based on the chords that you play, you have a full band to perform with at any given moment. The ultra-wide stereo sound produced by the speakers ensures that you’ll always be heard, whilst the headphone output allows you to practise in silence whenever you wish.

Images of an electronic drum kit with accessories

Alesis DM Lite Electronic Drum Kit Bundle

Maybe your kid has their eye on learning the drums instead. Don’t worry, drum technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years and where once learning the drums meant extreme noise terror for anyone else in the vicinity, now it’s a far more sedate proposition.

The Alesis DM Lite Bundle is a full electric drum kit, with everything included that you’d see in a normal kit but in a way that can be played at more home-friendly volumes. It has illuminated drum pads and an inbuilt learning function to help your child learn the proper technique and can fold away cleanly when not in use.

The bundle also features a personal drum amplifier for when your child wishes to wow an adoring crowd, a pair of headphones for when they wish to practise in silence, a drum stool for comfort, and a pair of sticks to get going immediately.

Image of a small acoustic guitar with accessories

Palma PL34 3/4-Size Beginner Guitar Pack

Any younger players looking to take up acoustic guitar should seriously consider the Palma PL34 3/4-Size Beginner Guitar Pack. The nylon strings of the Palma PL34 offer a more forgiving platform for children to hone their skills on than steel string, allowing them to develop confidence and dexterity across the fingerboard. The lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for carrying between home and school, which is aided by the inclusion of a gig bag with each model. We have also included a guitar strap, plectrum, pitch pipes, and tutorial DVD to get your child started.

We hope this list has helped; yes, it can be difficult to know where to start when your child says they want to be a musician, but hopefully the above list will at least point you in the right direction when it comes to making your choice. You could always speak to one of our in-store product specialists for more information or speak to our mail order team (01925 482520) who will be happy to assist. Good luck!