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Musical Gifts For Kids

Musical Gifts For Kids

Edited 12/06/2017 

Gifts for the budding rockstars in your life

Any parent will know that most kids fall into one of two brackets come birthday or Christmas time. There are those kids who are extremely vocal about the things they like and don’t like. All year long, at any given opportunity, parents of kids in this bracket could name at least 10 things their son or daughter would wet their pants with excitement at receiving. Whether it’s regular ‘subtle’ hints or outright, brazen begging, these youngsters are easy to buy for. On the other hand, there are the kids who throw curveballs. “I want a spaceship” or “I really like dinosaurs…” These kind of dreams are clearly harder for a parent to fulfil, no matter how much they would want to.

Another idea which crops up in many kids’ lives is the desire to be a musician. Perhaps they see mum or dad playing an instrument, see friends or bigger kids play, or even watch bands on TV and think they want to start. And whilst we can’t help with sourcing dinosaurs or spaceships, we can certainly help out with some great musical gifts for kids. Let’s take a look at a few good options.

Image of a black and white electric guitar

Redwood ST-Mini Electric Guitar

For younger kids who have their eyes on learning the guitar, you can’t really go wrong with the Redwood ST-Mini. It’s a 3/4 size electric guitar, based on the same shape as the classic Fender Stratocaster. Many kids actually find learning on an electric – plugged in or otherwise – easier on account of the steel strings, thinner body and ease of play.

The smaller body size of the ST-Mini, coupled with its thin neck, make this a dream for learner guitarists and, when the time is right, can be easily plugged into an amplifier to access some amazing sounds. It comes in black or pink, so is bound to catch the eye, and could well be the start of a glorious musical journey for your little one.

Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Outfit

Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul II Electric Guitar

For slightly older kids, this superb Epiphone Slash Les Paul II has to feature highly. While anyone born before 1996 is unlikely to have witnessed the majesty of Guns N Roses for themselves, Slash lives on as a bona fide rock guitar legend. His name looms large over music history and this Epiphone signature is a fantastic way for a learner guitarist to access a solidly built, iconic rock machine.

What’s more, this guitar comes as a starter pack, including a gig bag, plectrums, a cable and strap, as well as access to a set of great online music lessons. There’s even a set which comes with an amplifier – everything you need to start rocking out.

Image of a small acoustic guitar

Taylor Baby Acoustic Guitar

Any younger players looking to take up acoustic guitar should seriously consider the Taylor Baby BT1. Taylor is one of the traditional ‘big two’ in the acoustic guitar world, and produces instruments of extremely high quality. This is evident in the solid construction and stunning tone on offer from this guitar. It’s great for smaller hands too; as a ‘baby’ variant of a dreadnought guitar, it is slightly smaller in body shape and therefore perfect for kids to learn their craft.

Image of a small guitar amplifier

Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp

Perhaps your kid already has an electric guitar and is looking for an amp to turn it into a full setup. As far as a bedroom or practice amps go, there are few better than the Blackstar Fly 3 amp, this bad boy is perfect for any younger players looking to begin shaping their tone.

It features a host of different sounds, from cleaner sounds perfect for pop music through to distortion for more rock-like tones, along with built-in equalizers. Add to that a battery power capability and – crucially – a headphone input and you’ve got an ideal setup for the younger guitarist.

Alesis DM Lite Electronic Drum Kit Bundle

Alesis DM Lite Electronic Drum Kit

Maybe your kid has their eye on learning the drums instead. Don’t worry, drum technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years and where once learning the drums meant extreme noise terror for anyone else in the vicinity, now it’s a far more sedate proposition.

The Alesis DM Lite is a full electric drum kit, with everything included that you’d see in a normal kit but in a way that can be played at more home-friendly volumes. It has illuminated drum pads and an inbuilt learning function to help your child learn the proper techniques, and can fold away cleanly when not in use.

Redwood S20 Ukulele - Natural

Redwood S20 Ukulele

We’ll end this list with a rather fun looking Redwood S20 ukulele. We go into a bit more detail here about the different types of ukuleles available, but the key thing to note is that they are growing ever more popular, particularly as more and more schools introduce them in place of recorders for early years music lessons.

Ukuleles are the perfect combination of a small body, fewer strings (which make chords a doddle even for tiny hands), and a low learning curve which means anyone can start making great music with just a few basic techniques.

We hope this list has helped; yes, it can be difficult to know where to start when your child says they want to be a musician, but hopefully the above list will at least point you in the right direction when it comes to making your choice. You could always speak to one of our in-store product specialists for more information or speak to our mail order team (01925 482520) who will be happy to assist. Good luck!

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