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Musikmesse 2014 – Our Top Picks

Musikmesse 2014 – Our Top Picks

Musikmesse 2014

Every year the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt brings us new pieces of gear from every corner of the musical equipment world. This year the show promised a lot and has given us even more with huge releases from Roland, Boss, Akai, Korg and plenty of other suppliers. Check out our top picks below and make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to be the first to get all the latest news.

BOSS GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor

Boss GT-001
Based heavily on the GT-100 floor based effects processor, the new BOSS GT-001 is a little bit different from many other multi-effects units as it’s designed to be a desktop unit. This design makes it perfect as a starting point for a home studio set up or even for a mobile recording rig. Boss have even included an XLR input, guitar-to-MIDI converter and multi-channel USB audio interface in the unit so it will provide you with enough functionality for most recording tasks.

Order the BOSS GT-001 now

Roland Cube Street EX

Roland Cube Street EX
Made with buskers and street performers in mind, the Roland Cube Street EX is capable of providing up to 50 watts of power using batteries but can also be used with the included AC adaptor when required. There’s also a great range of connectivity and built-in COSM amps and effects.

Order the Roland Street Cube EX now


Boss VE-2
Need studio quality vocal effects and harmonies while you’re playing live? This new vocal harmonist pedal from Boss is perfect for you. Simply plug in a guitar to the pedal and it’ll give you the correct harmonies for that key. It even recognises mid-song key changes!

Order the BOSS VE-2 now


Perhaps the most affordable way to get in to Roland V-Guitar technology, the new GP-10 offers a range of professional tones and altered tunings in a surprisingly compact package. Available in packages with and without the Roland GK-3 pickup, this new unit is sure to be popular when it lands.

Order the BOSS GP-10S now
Order the BOSS GP-10GK (with GK-3 pickup) now

Akai Rhythm Wolf

Akai Rhythm Wolf
Analogue synths and grooveboxes are definitely in right now so it’s no surprise that Akai have further contributed to this trend with the intriguingly named Rhythm Wolf. Consisting of a five-voice drum machine alongside a bass synth with selectable square/saw wave, this is a perfect and affordable route in to the world of analogue. The dedicated “Howl” knob not only provides some insight in to the naming process of the Rhythm Wolf but also adds plenty of grit to the sound for some real analogue character.

Order the Akai Rhythm Wolf now

Korg RimPitch

Korg Rimpitch
This new style of standalone tuner fits inside your acoustic guitar soundhole for extremely simple tuning that’s effortless and unobtrusive. Perfect for on-stage use!

All prices correct when published (13/03/2014)

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