The Gretsch Electromatic Jet and Streamliner ranges offer dreamy hollowbody models that are gig-ready masterpieces. Feast your eyes on these...

Gorgeous guitars to sail through any occasion with…

Who doesn’t love the feel and sound of a heavenly Gretsch hollow body? Well when it comes to gig-ready guitars that boast rich tonality and premium appointments, no one pulls it off quite like Gretsch. We’re pleased to announce some welcome additions to the family across the Gretsch Electromatic Jet, Streamliner Hollow body and Centre-block ranges.

Enough with the intro, let’s get stuck in.

1. G5220 Electromatic Jet – Jade Grey Metallic

Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet Electric Guitar

The Gretsch Electromatic Jet G5220 combines the awesome might of Broad’Tron pickups with the hearty warmth of a chambered mahogany body. Add a maple top to the proceedings and you’ve got articulate mids with beefy lows and sparkling highs. Thanks to the classic single-cutaway design you can reach the upper frets on the lavish black walnut fingerboard with ease, whilst the slick gloss urethane finish allows you to fly along the neck at lightning speed.

All new Black Top Broad’Tron pickups

Revamped for the 2019 range, Gretsch give the Black Top Broad’Tron pickups an edgier character. Dial the volume back and they sing sweetly, but ramp things up and nudge them to breaking point and they will reward you with a meaty output with plenty of bite. From swinging country to dirty punk, they are as versatile as you need them to be.

At your disposal are independent volume controls for each pickup, as well as a master tone pot and a master volume with treble bleed circuitry. The beauty of this setup means that even when you dial back the volume, you won’t lose any of that clarity across the high end, thus preventing you tone from becoming a muddy mess.

Stylish appointments throughout

Die-cast chrome tuning machines adorn the headstock, whilst a Gretsch V-stoptail bridge anchors each string to the body. A sophisticated silver plexi pickguard with black Gretsch logo enhances the cool Jade Grey finish, making the G5220 as nice to look at as it is to play.

2. G5230T Electromatic Jet – Aleutian Blue Metallic

Gretsch G5230T Electromatic Jet Electric Guitar

Gretsch’s iconic Jet has been the go-to model for many a guitarist in its 65-year history, and the Gretsch Electromatic Jet G5230T looks set to continue its reign. Boasting exceptional craftsmanship with premium touches aplenty, this is a very special model indeed.

First of all, there’s the exquisite single cutaway chambered mahogany body, which generates a rapturous energy infused with bountiful warmth. A crisp sounding maple top is the icing on an already tasty tonal cake – and the Aleutian Blue Metallic finish isn’t bad to look at either. At the heart of the G5230T is a pair of Black Top Filter’Tron pickups, which as we noted above deliver all the grit and girth you could desire. As with the G5220 there are independent volume pots, a master tone and master volume with treble bleed circuit.

Bring out the Bigsby

Unlike the stoptail on the G5220, the G5230T is home to a Bigsby B50 tailpiece, which endows you with precise vibrato control no matter how demanding the gig. Every piece of hardware does its job with dutiful dedication to the cause, the cause being that you can execute your performance in style.

3. G5655TG Electromatic Centre Block Jr. – Azure Metallic, Cadillac Green, Orange Stain

Gretsch G5655TG Electromatic Centre Block Jr Electric guitar

Coming in a trio of finishes is the captivating Gretsch Electromatic G5655TG, an outstanding model that goes to prove high quality need not cost the earth. A substantial laminated maple body with arched top resonates freely to lay the foundation for a magnificent tonal energy. However, to ensure that the it doesn’t run away with itself at high volumes, a carefully applied centre-block keeps everything in check. The result is sublime tones at any volume level to make the G5655TG perfect in any situation.

A pair of Black Top Broad’Tron humbuckers reside in the neck and bridge positions with independent volume pots for each pickup, as well as a master tone pot and master volume. Adding subtle inflections is a breeze thanks to the Bigsby B70 tailpiece, whilst the adjusto-matic bridge allows you to attenuate according for imperious intonation control.

Employing gold hardware across the board adds an indulgent visual aesthetic to an already breath-taking model. If you want to stand out on stage, then the G5655TG Electromatic Centre Block Jr. is definitely the guitar for you.

4. G2420T Streamliner Hollow body Bigsby – Riviera Blue, Candy Apple Red, Gold Dust

Gretsch G2420T Streamliner Hollow body Bigsby Electric guitar

When it comes to straight up rock ‘n’ roll workhorses, the G2420T Streamliner has long been a favourite amongst guitarists. Unashamedly big but definitely not brash, the single-cutaway hollow body is a joy to wield and is incredibly generous in the tone it dishes out. Gretsch did the improbable and made it even better, with updated electronics and subtle enhancements to push us into realms we’d only dreamt of.

Broad’Tron BT-2S humbucker

So, the secret to the Streamliner’s sweet new sound is the new Broad’Tron BT-2S humbucker, which is calibrated specifically to suit the Streamliner Collection. Essentially, the pickup offers a tight bass response for beefy lows, searing heat across the highs and a punchy yet airy midrange. Essentially, you get the best of everything and none of the fluff. Controls are kept to an unfussy minimum with independent volume controls for each pickup, a master tone control and a master volume control.

Pristine playground

Laminated maple is the wood of choice for the robust hollow body, which is encircled by beautiful aged white binding. Parallel bracing allows the soundboard to resonate freely and prevents unwanted buckling or warping over time. Enlarged F-holes evoke vintage charm, which continues along the beautiful laurel fingerboard thanks to the distinctive hump block position inlays. Add to the melting pot a Bigsby-licensed B60 vibrato tailpiece and adjusto-matic bridge with secure laurel base and you’ve got the power to express yourself in style.

5. G2420 Streamliner Hollow body with Chromatic II – Aged Brooklyn Burst, Village Amber, Walnut

Gretsch G2420 Streamliner Hollow body with Chromatic II Electric guitar

Rather than adopting a Bigsby-licensed tailpiece, this G2420 Streamliner features the Gretsch Chromatic II tailpiece alongside an adjusto-matic bridge. We have to admit that we’re digging the retro-vibe alongside the beautiful trio of finishes available. If you’d rather opt for a fixed tailpiece over the Bigsby, thankfully Gretsch give you the ability to choose!

6. G2622T Streamliner Centre Block Bigsby – Gunmetal, Riviera Blue, Torino Green

Gretsch G2622T Streamliner Centre Block Bigsby Electric guitar

Gretsch’s G2622T Streamliner Centre Block Bigsby is the kind of guitar that makes you realise why you picked up the guitar in the first place. Elegant in its design, steadfast in its execution, and brimming with features that mean you won’t want to put it down. The slender body depth couples with the double-cutaway body profile to make it a high-performance partner for any player.

Along with other 2019 Streamliners, there’s a pair of new Broad’Tron BT-2S humbuckers to play with along with independent volume pots, a master tone and a master volume control.

Married to the body is a bound nato neck, which is shaped to a thin “U”-shaped profile for a lightning fast feel. The 22 medium-jumbo frets of the 12-radius fingerboard make for an inviting playing surface. From the enlarged F-holes providing a glimpse through the laminated maple top to the exaggerated big block position inlays, the G2622T is a larger than life character. Thanks to the Bigsby-licensed B70 vibrato tailpiece, you can match it with your own unique style.

7. G2622 Streamliner Centre Block with V-Stoptail – Phantom Metallic, Single Barrel Stain, Walnut Stain

Gretsch G2622 Streamliner Centre Block with V-Stoptail Electric guitar

With the G2622 Streamliner take everything we said about the G2622T and swap out the Bigsby for the V-Stoptail. You still get the same impeccable standard of playability, the same sleek feel in the hands, awesome tones by the bucket-load, and drop-dead gorgeous good looks. However, as with the G2420 you can go for a fixed bridge over a Bigsby. A simple touch but one that is much appreciated, nonetheless.

8. G2622LH Streamliner Centre Block with V-Stoptail – Single Barrel Stain, Torino Green

Gretsch G2622LH Streamliner Centre Block with V-Stoptail Electric guitar

Those lovely folks over at Gretsch even included the lefties with two stunning finishes to choose from in the G2622LH Streamliner. Thanking you Gretsch!

9. G2655T Streamliner Centre Block Jr. Bigsby – Fairlane Blue, Imperial Stain

Gretsch G2655T Streamliner Centre Block Jr. Bigsby Electric guitar

The Gretsch G2655T Streamliner Centre Block Jr. Double-Cut with Bigsby gives you a high-gain powerhouse that plays beautifully and looks awesome in the process. Tipping its hat to classic models and pairing them with hardworking hardware to suit the dexterity of modern players, the G2655T begs to be put through its paces in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion.

Boasting a pair of the Broad’Tron BT-2S humbuckers that we covered above, there’s a spruce centre-block on hand to ensure that your tone is lively but within your control. What we mean is that you can crank up the volume and give it some welly without falling into a blackhole of noise. The control layout is simple and intuitive, with independent volume pots, a master tone control, and a master volume control. Switch between the throaty neck pickup and the tighter sounding bridge or combine the two for a full-on sonic assault.

As with others on the Streamliner range, the T in G2655T denotes the inclusion of a Bigsby-licensed vibrato tailpiece (the B50 to be specific). The anchored adjusto-matic bridge and synthetic bone nut do their bit to maintain miraculous tuning stability and airtight intonation so that you can hammer through riffs with gleeful abandon.

Between the thin “U”-shaped neck profile and the 12-radius laurel fingerboard, you can throw in subtle string bends and endless vibrato for days before tiring out. Elegant pearloid Big Block inlays guide your way along the 22 medium-jumbo frets at your disposal. Elaborate features include enlarged F-hole for enhanced acoustic projection, tidy aged white binding to complement the cool Fairlane Blue and Imperial Stain finishes, along with the three-ply black pickguard.

For those who want to stand out from the crowd, the G2655T Streamliner is more than happy to oblige.

10. G2655 Streamliner Centre Block Jr. with V-Stoptail – Gunmetal, Single Barrel Stain

Gretsch G2655 Streamliner Centre Block Jr. with V-Stoptail Electric guitar

As with the G2622, the G2655 Streamliner Centre Block Jr. with V-stoptail shares all the same features as its G2655T sibling, minus the Bigsby. If you prefer to rock with a stoptail then this is the model for you.

Gig-ready line-up

As you can see, with the Gretsch Electromatic Jet and Streamliner ranges, they have thrown everything but the kitchen sink into their line-up with premium appointments, the finest finishing touches and a plethora of exotic finishes to choose from. Whether you prefer Bigsby or Stoptail, the choice is yours. Fancy one of each? Treat yourself!

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