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New Ashdown Amplifiers For The Gigging Musician

New Ashdown Amplifiers For The Gigging Musician

New bass heads, cabs, combos and some great acoustic amplifiers

Ashdown have become one of the major go-to brands for bass players and acoustic artists who need reliable, sturdy and above all – amazing sounding gear that can withstand years of use. So, with the release of a variety of new equipment for 2016, naturally we were super excited to talk about them here at Dawsons! In this blog we’re going to take a look at a selection of the new amps, heads and cabs that have been released this year – all of which have been designed with that typical Ashdown attention to detail and sturdy construction to provide the professional musician with the epic sounds they need.

Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 500W Head

Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 500 Bass Amplifier Head

The awesome Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 500W Head is part of the cool Rootmaster series of bass heads and cabs that are rugged, reliable and above all, sonically versatile. This 500W head along with it’s 800W brother have been developed in conjunction with a myriad of professional musicians to bring the gigging musician exactly what they need. It’s a lightweight option at just 4kg, features a slimline enclosure with an array of intuitive controls and is built to withstand gigging at any level. The 5 band EQ section provides you with enough room to create the tone you want to perfectly fit with the bass you’re playing as well as the musicians you’re playing with – a great feature from Ashdown. If you want thick saturated rumbles with a warmer tone or want a tighter, snappier response then you’ll appreciate the one knob compression system. For those who want to add that extra grit to their sound, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a Drive control too! The very cool FS-2 output gives you control over the Drive and Sub Harmonic effects via the external footswitch (optional) taking your sound further. One of the coolest things about this amp head is the fact you can use far less power than other amplifiers thanks to the Class-D power section – it’s all the musical volume you want without the heat! You also have the gorgeously balanced D.I. XLR output to send a signal straight to the mixing desk as well as a totally unique Speak on Speaker output jack that enables connection to a live PA desk if an XLR jack isn’t available.

Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 1×12 300W Cab

Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 1 x 12 300W Bass Cabinet With Tweeter

Well, you’re going to need the right cab for the job now that you’ve got your bass head, so pairing your Rootmaster head with the awesome Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 1×12 300W Cab makes sense. This bass cab is built like a tank and also made to withstand years of gigs and pushes 300W of gorgeous low-end power through the custom Ashdown 12” speaker. Each cab, whether you choose the 1 x 12” cab, the 1 x 15” or the 2 x 10” has been built in conjunction with professional musicians and crafted to fit perfectly with the Rootmaster bass heads to bring you deep projection and rich sounds whilst the HF unit provides the crisp top end you need. The construction is also particularly noteworthy as the resilient vinyl covering makes sure your amp looks it’s best after years of gigs whilst the rubber feet allow you to stand it up whichever way suits you better.

Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 500W 2×10 Combo

Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 500W 2 x 10 Bass Amplifier Combo

If it’s a bass combo amplifier you’re after, the new Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 500W 2 x 10 Bass Amplifier Combo is a great option from the brand. You have the same Rootmaster sound thanks to the beautifully sounding Rootmaster EVO series’ preamp that easily accommodates active and passive-powered pickups – making it a great all round combo amp that is fuss free and ready to go. As the name suggests, it’s packed with 2 x 10” White Line speakers that provides you with a smooth response and all the tonal versatility you’ll need. However, should you want to go beef up your output, there’s room to extend thanks to the 8-Ohm extension cabinet output – so when you’re playing Glastonbury you can hear yourself on stage – we believe in you! The sub harmonics section is a great addition as it produces beautiful sub harmonics a complete octave below the notes you’re playing to thicken up your sound. You can also blend this as you wish via the level control should you want a fuller sounding output or just a little extra to your sound. For those who run pedals, the FX Loop Send and Return will come in handy and provide you with the option to get a truer signal from your external effects. A great combo amp for those who need a professional piece of kit. For those who want something a little more compact the Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 500W 1×12 Combo is also a great option.

Ashdown AAA EVO 300W 2×10 Bass Combo

Ashdown AAA EVO 300W 2 x 10 Bass Amplifier Combo

Ashdown’s commitment to crafting high quality equipment for the modern musician is evident yet again with the release of the awesome Ashdown AAA EVO 300W 2 x 10 Bass Amplifier Combo complete with the ingenious APPTEK socket. Thanks to the tube emulated overdrive, 4-band EQ section and Vintage/Modern Lows switch, this 300W amp is already versatile, professional piece of kit, but it’s also able to hook up to your iPhone or iPad – opening a whole new world of capabilities. The APPTEK socket allows you to utilise Ashdown’s ABM Pre APP which unlocks a variety of features from the ABM range including Sub Harmonics, Tube Drive, Compression, and a comprehensive 7-band EQ. you can even blend the FX or AppTek level via the App/FX Mix knob and make changes on your phone or tablet – it’s a tonal behemoth. The AAA EVO 300W 2×10 along with the 60w 1×10 and 120w 1×15 combos also have a range of additional connectivity options. You can plug in a pair of headphones and hit the Speaker Mute for silent practice or hook up an external audio device via the Line In Jack to jam along to your favourite tracks or work on those songs you’ve written. It’s also built like a tank so you’ll appreciate its ruggedness ten years down the line when it’s still going strong!

Ashdown Woodsman Jumbo 65W Acoustic Combo

Ashdown Woodsman Jumbo 65W Acoustic Combo Amplifier

Ashdown Engineering legend Mark Gooday said the new Ashdown Woodsman Jumbo 65W as well as the rest of the series “deliver superb sound for a new generation of acoustic guitarists and singers” and he certainly wasn’t wrong! Ashdown have been renowned for crafting high quality acoustic amplifiers that really bring out the best in your guitar and the Woodsman range which includes a 65W Jumbo, 40W Classic and 25W Parlour option is no exception. The Jumbo not only features a beautiful custom-designed 8″ Celestion driver to provide a crystal clear acoustic voice, but also provides the singer songwriter with an extra channel for microphones so you can sing and play through the same amp simultaneously. For those who busk or want to add an extra layer to their music, you’ll be pleased to see the AUX In jack which allows you to plug in any desired MP3 player so you can jam along to your backing tracks. The vintage styling and carved wooden body with a classic cloth grill looks awesome on stage too – it’s a complete package for the singer songwriter and live performer who needs a reliable amp that can take anything you throw at it.

So, there you have it – a quick look at the new Ashdown amplifiers for 2016. View a complete range of Ashdown amplifiers over at the Dawsons website.

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