Store re-fit offers DJs, producers and musicians more choice than ever

The paint is dry, the stock has out and ready and the builders have left the building; Dawsons Manchester is now bigger and better than ever before, and we want to share this exciting new chapter with you.

Cementing its place as the number one destination for musicians in Manchester, our Portland Street store has undergone a bit of a facelift and now features a vastly improved downstairs display and demo area, offering you more of your favourite brands and gear than ever before.

Dawsons Manchester

Producers will love our dedicated Genelec reference centre, including the full 80 series of monitors, as well as our extended range of Presonus interfaces and monitors, which now sit nicely alongside our already established Focusrite range.

Synth fans are now better catered for than ever. Other than our now considerable range of Moog gear (including what we think is the only UK demo model of the famous Sub 37), we’re now carrying Yamaha’s renowned MOXF synths and are creating a dedicated area for the full complement of Nord synths, organs and keys.

Dawsons Manchester

DJs are in for a real treat; the new area has proved extremely popular in the short time it has been open, probably due to the fact that at least one of every bit of hardware or controller is hooked up and ready to demo. Seriously, if you can’t decide between a couple of bits of gear, or if you want to see if online reviews are accurate, Dawsons Manchester is the place to go to find out for yourself.

As well as the musical gear, we’re also pleased to offer up equipment which will enhance and improve your live performance in the shape of professional stage lighting, which will add genuine atmosphere and dynamics to any show.

Dawsons Manchester

It’s worth remembering that the stuff listed above is just the new items; the store was already well stocked in just about anything a musician could need. From guitars, amps and other rock n’ roll gear, through to recording equipment, strings, brass and pianos; it’s all still there, we’ve just made everything bigger and better.

Don’t take our word for it though – come and see for yourself!