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New Marshall AFD Combo To Be Shown At NAMM

New Marshall AFD Combo To Be Shown At NAMM

Marshall AFD Combo Announced

The Slash signature Marshall AFD Combo will finally see the light of day at NAMM 2013…

The much discussed and long-awaited Marshall AFD combo, built as a prototype for Slash, will finally see the light of day as a production model. The compact, low wattage signature amp will be unveiled officially as a production model at NAMM 2013.

Revealing the news via Twitter, Slash stated.

‘I won’t be able to attend myself, but the new Marshall AFD 5w Combo will be making its debut appearance at NAMM this weekend. iiii]; )’ ‘

Marshall AFD 5 Combo Announced

Based on Class 5?

Whilst no information has emerged from Marshall about the spec of the amp, it could be assumed that it will be derived from the prototype given to Slash by Marshall back in 2008.

The Marshall AFD 5 combo came into being following the release of Slash’s monstrously powerful AFD head. Slash asked the guys at Marshall if they’d be able to create something of lower power but with the same sonic character that he could use in his home.

This prototype was the result.

Marshall AFD 5 Combo Announced

The AFD Combo prototype was, according to some sources, a tweaked and modified Class-5 amp. So, it was 5-watts, all-valve, and as can be seen, was a single channel design. Things were kept pretty simple, with a gain control, master volume, 3-band EQ and reverb control.

Around the back, it has an output for a 16-Ohm external speaker, should you wish to drive something a bit bigger.

Marshall AFD 5 Combo Announced

However, these details are gleaned from the Marshall AFD 5 Combo prototype- the only thing close to concrete information we have. For those who are getting excited at the prospect, all will be revealed later this week… Stay posted for updates.

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