Oh, how happy we are with the latest Gibson guitars news, and we're guessing you will be too. Check out their stunning Modern and Original models now!

Gibson’s emphatic resurgence continues in earnest…

Our recent article titled “Gibson: A New Beginning for the Guitar Titan” hinted at some exciting Gibson guitars news about to drop. Well, you didn’t have to wait long at all, did you?!

Something awesome this way comes…

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel or throw a fistful of darts at the board in the hope that something sticks, Gibson instead took onboard what many have been asking for and set about doing what they do best – making excellent instruments that are a dream to play. Obviously, there are various iterations of Les Pauls, SGs, ES, Vs, Explorers, Firebirds, etc. to choose from. However, Gibson have streamlined the offerings and there are noticeably two main camps that most fall into: Modern and Original.


When referring to Modern range models, Gibson are tipping their hat to innovations seen in recent years like slim taper neck profiles, weight-relieved bodies, coil-tapping on pickups and all manner of phase-switching, bypassing etc. Sure, there will be purists who will scoff at such appointments (don’t worry, they’ve got you covered too), but there are those of us who appreciate a lighter axe to wield, a more accommodating neck profile, and the option to play around with pickup response at will.


For those who want to kick it old school but don’t like the idea of remortgaging or *insert nefarious money-making scheme of choice here*, then the Original range models are the gateway instrument of choice for you. By adhering closely to the tech specs that set the standard for others to follow, Gibson bring the goods without you having to break the bank. Happy days!

Les Paul – Modern Models

1. Les Paul Classic (Honeyburst)

Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar - Honeyburst

Also available in Ebony, Heritage Cherry & Translucent Cherry

Let’s kick things off with the Gibson Les Paul Classic, a heavenly marriage of early 60’s style with those mod-cons we’ve all come to know and love.

As one would expect, the Les Paul Classic is fashioned from a mahogany/maple partnership. It is worth noting that the mahogany has been treated to a lovely 9-hole weight relief for those who wish to spare themselves from lower back pain. Connected to the body is a mahogany neck complete with slim taper profile that allows it to slot comfortably in smaller hands. A bound rosewood fingerboard makes it a breeze to glide along, using the acrylic trapezoids position inlays to guide your way.

Pairing Burstbucker 61R & 61T zebra, open-coil pickups together provides a bevy of vintage Gibson tones. Expanding the tonal horizons is a breeze thanks to four push-pull pots (both volume and tone for each pickup), which allows you to coil-tap, phase switch, and bypass as you wish.

Steadfast Grover Rotomatic tuning machines maintain tuning integrity, whilst the ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge with aluminium stopbar tailpiece provides the perfect anchor point for imperious intonation.

All-in-all it is a workhorse in terms of build quality, a lightweight partner for hitting the stage with, and an outstanding tonal explorer for rapid-fire changes in the studio.

2. Les Paul Studio (Smokehouse Burst)

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar - Smokehouse Burst

Also available in Ebony & Wine Red

Ah the Les Paul Studio, trimming the fat never looked so good. Seriously, look at that Smokehouse Burst finish – are you not impressed?! Tis a thing of beauty. If like me you want a straight up rock ‘n’ roll ready workhorse that is good to go out of the box, then the Les Paul Studio is the way forward. Ultra-modern weight relieved mahogany body paired with maple top, sorted. Not only can you swing this bad boy round on stage, but you’ll look pretty dapper in the process. A slim taper mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard encourages an unabashed playing style.

Making their home in the body are the 490R and 498T neck and bridge pickups, a pair of high-output humbuckers with a pair of push-pull volume pots to increase tonal flexibility beyond their humbucking capabilities. So that you’re in no doubt, the control knobs are titled “Black Speed Knobs”, making the Les Paul Studio’s intentions clear.

The Aluminium Nashville Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece creates a seamless connection between strings and body. Therefore, you can rock out to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that intonation and tuning will remain intact.

Each model is supplied with a soft-shell case, so that you can get out and about as soon as your Les Paul Studio arrives.

3. Les Paul Tribute (Satin Honeyburst)

Gibson Les Paul Tribute Electric Guitar - Satin Honeyburst

Also available in Satin Cherry Sunburst, Satin Iced Tea & Satin Tobacco Burst

For the feel and vibe of a traditional Les Paul combined with ultra-modern weight relief, you can’t go wrong with the Les Paul Tribute. Featuring the classic mahogany/maple tonewood partnership, the Tribute boasts a rounded maple neck profile that offers a chunkier feel in the hand than the slim taper, tipping its hat to more traditional setups. A pair of 490R & T humbuckers powered by Alnico II magnets deliver classic tones dripping with raucous energy. If you’re looking for a rock ‘n’ beast that can be tamed when desired, then this is the model for you.

4. Les Paul Special Tribute DC (Worn Cherry)

Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC Electric Guitar - Worn Cherry

Also available in Blue Stain, Worn Brown & Worn Ebony

For years people have thrown requests Gibson’s way, and now they’ve finally responded. The Les Paul Special Double Cut pairs two P-90s together (reverse wound with reverse polarity to cancel any unwanted hum), giving you all the grunt without the unwanted rumble. A slim taper maple neck rests sweetly in the hand, whilst the double cut body profile removes any obstacles from your fretting hand’s path. Vintage deluxe tuning machines with white buttons uphold tuning integrity dutifully as you rock out, whilst the compensated wraparound bridge/tailpiece provides enduring tone and sustain. In short, if it’s a hard-rocking partner that you’re after, then the Les Paul Special Tribute DC is right up your alley.

5. Les Paul Junior Tribute DC (Worn Cherry)

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Electric Guitar - Worn Cherry

Also available in Blue Stain, Worn Brown & Worn Ebony

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Les Paul Junior Tribute DC is an affordable option that provides a lifetime of enjoyment. Taking a stripped back approach, the LP Junior Tribute DC is an unfussy model that is also remarkably elegant. With sleek lines and curves in all the right places, the addition of a satin finish makes the guitar lightning fast to perform on. Again, a pair of P-90 pickups deliver smooth vintage tones, whilst the compensated wraparound bridge and tailpiece uphold intonation and sustain for days. From the practise room to the stadium stage, you can rest assured that the Les Paul Junior Tribute DC can keep pace with you every step of the way.

6. Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass (Worn Brown)

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass Guitar - Worn Brown

Also available in Blue Stain, Worn Cherry & Worn Ebony

If bass is more your thing, then check out the Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass, a fitting salute to the legendary late-’50s Gibson EB-0 bass but with some considered modern appointments. Though you may be forgiven for thinking that the shorter scale length is the reserve of smaller players, many prefer its focused tone that is great for slotting into recordings. Combining a double-cutaway mahogany body with solid mahogany neck, the LP Junior Tribute DC bass is delightfully easy to wield during performances, enabling you to cruise along the rosewood fingerboard with ease. Whether you prefer to play in a seated or standing position, the weight across the bass balances perfectly.

A single expanded range Les Paul BassBucker pickup with accompanying volume and tone controls offer a delightfully simple yet surprisingly versatile arrangement. This is thanks to the effectively placed push-pull volume pot that allows you to coil-tap the pickup and scoop the mids for a fat yet tight output. Simply lovely.

Les Paul – Original Range

7. Les Paul Standard 50s (Gold Top)

Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Electric Guitar - Gold Top

Also available in Heritage Cherry & Tobacco Burst

Here we go! Doffing their caps to Gibson’s Golden Era is the sublime Les Paul Standard 50s model: solid mahogany body sans weight relief with maple top; rounded 50’s-style mahogany neck provides a substantial feel in the hand; divine rosewood fingerboard with elegant trapezoid inlays to guide your way. What’s not to love so far? If you’re looking for the fit and feel of an old-school Gibson, then your prayers have been answered.

What about the tone? Well my friend, a pair of specially calibrated Burstbuckers occupy the neck and bridge positions, with independent volume and tone controls for each as well as Orange Drop capacitors to ensure that the slightest attenuation can be executed with utmost precision. Dreamy.

In terms of hardware the ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge and accompanying aluminium stopbar tailpiece anchors everything securely for peerless intonation and sustain. Every model comes with a hardshell case to keep you pride and joy in pristine condition.

In short, unless you fancy stumping up for a Custom Shop model (and by all means go for it), the Les Paul Standard 50s is the model that so many have been asking for and Gibson have delivered in style!

8. Les Paul Standard 50s P90 (Gold Top)

Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s P90 Electric Guitar - Gold Top

OK, so take everything I’ve said about the Les Paul Standard 50s above and switch out the Burstbuckers for P-90s. Rather than Alnico II magnets, the P-90s pack a pair of Alnico Vs up their sleeves, giving these P-90s a formidable energy that will knock you on your backside. However, thanks to the carefully designed audio taper pots (Amber Top Hats with pointers – fancy), you can dial back the rawk and get a much smoother, less in your face character.

Even if we do say so ourselves, the Gold Top finish is absolutely gorgeous. From headstock to end pin this brings out all the good feels in the best possible way. The included hardshell case is the icing on an already delicious cake.

9. Les Paul Standard 60s (Unburst)

Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Electric Guitar - Unburst

Also available in Bourbon Burst & Iced Tea

In the 60s, Gibson built on the already awesome late-’50s model but adding even more lavish appointments. Now, the Les Paul Standard ’60s model has the solid mahogany without weight relief, which is complemented by an AA figured maple top that is a feast for the eyes. In keeping with the original – as per the series name – joined to the body is a slim taper ’60s-style mahogany neck complete with luxurious rosewood fingerboard.

At the heart of the guitar’s tone are a pair of Burstbucker 61R (neck) and 61T (bridge), which also features Alnico V magnets, audio taper pots and Orange Drop capacitors. Not only can you achieve ferocious energy when pushed hard, but there’s equal parts control for hushed loveliness when you want to dial things back.

Taking in the hardware specs, there’s a classic-style Tune-O-Matic bridge with aluminium stopbar tailpiece for perfect intonation and sustain. Grover Rotomatic “Kidney” tuning machines uphold tuning integrity, whilst gold top hat control knobs with silver indicators ensure that the heavenly finishes pop out gleefully.

10. Les Paul Special (TV Yellow)

Gibson Les Paul Special Electric Guitar - TV Yellow

Coming before the coveted ’59 LP, the Les Paul Special has been wowing guitarists for over 60 years. Taking the style of the Les Paul Junior, it is a chunk of mahogany with beefy 50s-style mahogany neck, a sumptuous to the touch rosewood fingerboard and eye-catching TV Yellow finish. A pair of P-90s take up residence in the neck and bridge positions, with hand-wired electronics across the board (including Orange Drop Capacitors for seamless adjustment).

Hardware-wise there’s a vintage-style wraparound bridge to anchor each string, whilst the vintage deluxe tuning machines fit in with the vintage aesthetic whilst ensuring modern staying power. Gibson also include a hardshell case with each model too, so you’ve got no excuse to not get out and perform immediately. After all, that’s what this little ripper was born to do.

SG – Modern Range

Now, it’s time to take a look at the SGs on offer. As before, let’s check out the Modern range of models first.

11. SG Standard (Heritage Cherry)

Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar - Heritage Cherry

Also available in Ebony

Kicking things off in the SG line up is the SG Standard, which marries classic attitude with modern performance for an unbeatable combination that everyone can get onboard with. Ever present is the deep double-cutaway profile solid mahogany body, which is partnered with a durable mahogany neck with old-school rounded profile for a chunky yet manageable hold. The long tenon 19th fret neck joint maximises resonant transfer for enduring sustain, which is uphold dutifully by the aluminium Nashville Tune-O-Matic bridge/stopbar tailpiece. Grover Rotomatic tuning machines with kidney buttons maintain tuning integrity with precision.

A pair of 490R and 490T humbuckers deliver hallowed rock tones, whilst Black Top Hat control knobs with Silver Reflectors allow you to sculpt your sound with ease. Whether you’re going for a full-on Angus Young onslaught or leaning more towards a chilled-out Derek Trucks’ vibe, this beauty can do it all.

Each model is supplied with a soft case to get you out and about in style.

12. SG Tribute (Natural Walnut)

Gibson SG Tribute Electric Guitar - Natural Walnut

Also available in Vintage Cherry Satin

For those who want to lean into a more traditional vibe, then the SG Standard Tribute offers a more ‘au natural’ aesthetic. Rather than Grover Rotomatics there are vintage deluxe tuning machines with keystone buttons keeping tuning in check. Apart from that the SG Tribute shares much of the same setup as the SG Standard, including the soft-shell case.

SG – Original Models

And now, check out these utterly beautiful Original series models. Deep breath.

13. SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola (Vintage Cherry)

Gibson SG Standard 61 Maestro Vibrola Electric Guitar - Vintage Cherry

And now for something quite special indeed.

Gibson’s SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola harks back to a classic model that infused vibrato control to the ’61 model. Adding the Maestro Vibrola guarantees imperious vibrato control with the classic styling of the Lyre on the tailpiece. In keeping with the original model, the mahogany body features deep scarfing and a 5-ply teardrop pickguard to keep the vintage styling alive.

Standard features include a slim taper mahogany with 22nd-fret neck joint for a sturdy connection and superb tone transfer to the body. Married to the neck is a glorious rosewood fingerboard, which is home to acrylic trapezoid inlays that guide your way in style. Along with the Maestro Vibrola tailpiece there’s an ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge, which anchor each string securely between them whilst upholding intonation resiliently.

A pair of specially designed 61R and 61T humbuckers revive the heralded tones of the Standard ’61 model, whilst hand-wired electronics including Orange Drop Capacitors allow you to make minute adjustments with the utmost delicacy.

Each model comes in a hard-shell case and is just the ticket for touring guitarists who want something unique to hit the road with.

14. SG Standard ’61 Sideways Vibrola (Vintage Cherry)

Gibson SG Standard 61 Sideways Vibrola Electric Guitar - Vintage Cherry

Another SG Standard ’61 but this time with a Sideways Vibrola, offering a sideways side-pull action that is plucked directly from the early ’60s models. Everything else remains the same, once again offering a magical instrument for those who want something to show off with. For the purists this is a slice of heaven!

15. SG Standard ’61 (Vintage Cherry)

Gibson SG Standard 61 Electric Guitar - Vintage Cherry

Acknowledging that not everybody wants the Vibrola option but still want that classic ’61 style, Gibson deliver the hardtail ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic SG Standard ’61 in vintage cherry. 61 humbuckers, elegant scarfing around the mahogany body, 22nd-fret neck joint, luxurious rosewood fingerboard, and glorious vintage detail. Oh, and the hardshell case too. What more could you want?!

16. SG Special (Faded Pelham Blue)

Gibson SG Special Electric Guitar - Faded Pelham Blue

Also available in Vintage Sparkling Burgundy

The SG Special is a pure, unadulterated joy ride from start to finish. Choose from one of two finish options: Faded Pelham Blue or Vintage Sparkling Burgundy, and then get on stage and do what you do best. A super slender mahogany body with deep scarfing around the edges adds an elegant touch to an already streamlined beauty. The SG is a delight for those who want the energy of a Les Paul without the load bearing exercise, whilst the deep double-cutaways – affectionately known as ‘horns’ – make it easy to reach the highest frets in comfort. Add to this the slim taper mahogany neck and bound rosewood fingerboard, and you have a lightning fast playing feel to boot.

A pair of P-90 pickups deliver the fat and aggressive tonal attitude expected of an SG, whilst hand-wired electronics with Orange Drop Capacitors allow you to make adjustments with precision. From ringing high-end to down and dirty beefiness, you can tackle any and every musical style with aplomb.

Rest assured that each string is locked in thanks to the compensated wraparound bridge, whilst vintage deluxe tuning machines with white buttons maintain tuning integrity throughout the most demanding of performances.

Each model is supplied with a hardshell case to get you up and running.

17. SG Junior (Vintage Cherry)

Gibson SG Junior Electric Guitar - Vintage Cherry

Sleek and stylish, the SG Junior in Vintage Cherry lacquer takes you right back to the old days. Originally released as a student model, the SG Junior has come of age and perfect for those who want an unfussy model to tear things up with. A single P-90 ‘Dog Ear’ pickup handles tone duties along with corresponding volume and tone controls, again featuring hand-wired electronics with Orange Drop Capacitors.

Each model comes with hardshell case to keep yours in pristine condition wherever your music takes you.

18. SG Standard Bass (Heritage Cherry)

Gibson SG Junior Electric Guitar - Heritage Cherry

Also available in Ebony

As with the Les Paul offerings, if bass is your preferred instrument of choice then Gibson has you covered with the SG Standard Bass. Appropriately outfitted with the same iconic curves and substantial neck feel, you know that your tone is in safe hands with this epic model. Short-scale dimensions make the SG Bass a favourite amongst smaller players, but if you’re a fan of punchy bass tones then give it a whirl.

Pairing calibrated SG Bass pickup in the neck and bridge positions (Rhythm and Lead respectively), you can temper and tailor your tone with a pair of pickup independent volume pots along with a master tone.

Heady Grover Shamrock tuning machines support each string at the headstock, whilst a 3-point adjustable bridge creates a flush connection between strings and body for rock solid intonation and sustain.

Those kind souls at Gibson even include a hardshell case with the SG Standard Bass too.

Designer Models

The Designer series of models includes Gibson’s – arguably – edgier models such as the Firebird, Explorer and Flying V. Enough chat, let’s go through them.

19. Firebird (Tobacco Burst)

Gibson Firebird Electric Guitar - Tobacco Burst

A truly enigmatic design in all the right ways, the Gibson Firebird is still one of those models that seems ahead of its time. Landing in 1963, the Firebird is a reverse body and headstock neck-through-body masterstroke of design. By utilising a traditional 9-ply mahogany/walnut neck through body construction the Firebird is endowed with an enviable warmth in the tonal stakes and has sustain for days.

Add to this a slim taper neck and you can quite rapidly fly along its generous 24.75-inch scale length. The bound, rosewood fingerboard with acrylic trapezoid inlays to guide your way offers an inviting tactile touch and effortless playability.

The Firebird Mini Humbuckers (Rhythm and Lead) concoct the bright and tight character that makes the Firebird so unique. Independent volume and tone pots with Black Top Hats and Silver Reflectors plus toggle switch allows you to dictate your tone to within an inch of its life.

In keeping with the mini proportions, Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners uphold tuning integrity whilst the aluminium Nashville Tune-O-Matic and stopbar tailpiece hold things down on the body. In short, once you dial in your tuning, no matter how heartily you perform, everything will remain true until the end.

Hardshell case in tow, you can get out and about as soon as you get your hands on it.

20. Explorer (Antique Natural)

Gibson Explorer Electric Guitar - Antique Natural

Coming before the Firebird, the Explorer was definitely ahead of its time in 1958 (imagine that, before the illustrious ’59 Les Paul) but since then it has been utilised by artists across every genre conceivable.

This Explorer looks like it could have come straight out of a time machine from that late-’50s era with mahogany body in sophisticated antique natural finish. Thanks to the slim taper mahogany neck you can race along the 24.75-inch scale length as if your life depended on it. The set-neck design does wonders for sustain by infusing each and every note with legs that’ll walk forever.

A specially calibrated pair of Burstbuckers conjure ferocious tones from the depths to make this a hard rocking heroes dream come true. The Black Speed knobs are a gateway to limitless potential, giving you the ability to skip from sweet and reserved to brash and abrasive at the drop of a hat.

Again, the hardshell case gets you out and playing without excuses!

21. Flying V (Antique Natural)

Gibson Flying V Electric Guitar - Antique Natural

Gibson Flying V…we salute you. What more can be said other than Gibson have knocked it into the stratosphere with this absolute peach of a guitar. Mahogany body, slim taper mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, aluminium Nashville Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece, pair of Burstbuckers and a hardshell case.

I shouldn’t need to say anymore, if you don’t like what you see then you need to have a word with yourself.

ES – Modern Models

Again, let’s go Modern series first of all.

22. ES-339 Figured Semi Hollowbody (Faded Lightburst)

Gibson ES339 Figured Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Faded Lightburst

Long having established its place in many a guitarist’s hearts, the ES-339 Figured Semi Hollowbody offers the cool of an ES-335 in a more accommodating and lighter form. Bringing together expressive energy and resonating clarity throughout each and every note, who doesn’t want one in their arsenal?

Running through the middle of the ES-339 is a thermally-engineered chambered maple centreblock to prevent unwanted feedback at high volumes. Thermally engineered quarter-sawn Adirondack spruce bracing maintains stability whilst allowing the body to resonate unimpeded to generate magnificent power.

Lavish appointments throughout include the hand-wired Memphis Tone Circuit Premiere (MTC Premiere) control assembly for masterful control over the newly designed Memphis Historic Spec II (MHS II) humbuckers. From country to jazz, blues to heavy rock, you can ramble and riff through everything like a breeze.

Strings are anchored to the body via the ABR-1 bridge with robust titanium saddles, whilst Grover ‘Milk Bottle’ Rotomatic tuning machines uphold tuning integrity with steadfast precision.

Anything else? Oh yeah, a Gibson hardshell case to keep your ES-339 in tip top condition. Spot on!

23. ES-335 Satin Semi Hollowbody (Sunset Burst)

Gibson ES-335 Satin Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Sunset Burst

Big and bold, the Gibson ES-335 Satin is a delightful rendition of this legendary model. Boasting a generous lower bout paired with elegantly carved double-cutaways, the ES-335 offers a substantial fit against the body alongside a comfortable reach up to those higher frets.

Composed from 3-ply maple/poplar/maple in the body, spruce bracing upholds consistency whilst enabling the tonewoods to flex and vibrate freely to generate plenty of energy. However, a maple centreblock prevents unwanted feedback or harmonics from running rampant at high levels to guarantee utmost clarity. A hand-rolled rounded “C” mahogany neck harks back to the old-school for that classic playing feel. Pearloid dot inlays guide your way along the luxurious rosewood fingerboard.

As with the previously mentioned ES-339 above, the ES-335 Satin boasts all-new Memphis Historic Spec II (MHS II) humbuckers with unique Memphis Tone Control Plus (MTC Plus) circuitry, putting total tone shaping control at your fingertips. Smooth and soulful blues, articulate jazz licks, or hard rock riffage, everything is yours for the taking.

Every string is anchored securely thanks to the ABR-1 bridge with brass saddles and stopbar tailpiece, whilst Grover ‘Milk Bottle’ tuners uphold tuning integrity faithfully.

Once again, each model comes with a Gibson hardshell case to get your out and about in style.

24. ES-235 Gloss Semi Hollowbody (Vintage Sunburst)

Gibson ES-235 Gloss Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Vintage Sunburst

Also available in ’34 Burst

Fancy something new? Well, check out the Gibson ES-235 hailing from the homeland of Memphis, Tennessee. Drawing inspiration from classic models such as the ES-125 and the Les Paul, the ES-235 is a highly versatile axe that’ll help every guitarist navigate their way through any genre with ease. Combining semi-hollowbody character with solidbody prowess, this is a guitar that not only sounds fantastic, but it has the confidence to roar with the best of them.

Pairing Burstbucker Pro humbuckers alongside Memphis Tone Circuit Plus circuitry ensures pinpoint accuracy when attenuation your sound. The 3-ply maple/poplar/maple body with spruce bracing resonates freely to produce a lush and vibrant tonal palette, whilst a carefully applied maple centre block keeps fundamental tones in check.

Joined to the body is a flawless single-piece maple neck with vintage-style rounded “C” profile to create a substantial yet manageable feel in the hand. Soar through licks and riffs in style along the rosewood fingerboard with understated dot position inlays to guide your way. Everything holds up perfectly thanks to the bone nut and white oval button tuning machines, whilst the ABR-1 bridge with plated brass saddles and die-cast zinc stopbar tailpiece diligently uphold intonation and sustain.

Each model is supplied with a soft case to keeps yours dust-free and ready for action.

ES – Original Models

25. ES-335 Figured Semi Hollowbody (Heritage Cherry)

Gibson ES-335 Figured Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Heritage Cherry

Also available in Sixties Cherry & Sunset Burst

Keeping things firmly grounded in the old-school, the Gibson ES-335 Figured features a thermally engineered chambered maple centreblock along with thermally engineered quarter-sawn Adirondack spruce bracing. The result is a lightweight masterpiece that would settle nicely into the hands of any players, not matter their level of experience with the instrument.

Alongside classic looks and feel are some modern appointments that do their bit to keep the vintage spirit alive. Hand-wired Memphis Tone Circuit Premiere control assembly and Memphis Historic Spec II humbuckers are as smooth as you like, as well as producing an unashamedly vibrant character. There’s warmth by the bucket-load and sizzling highs that shine brightly.

The beautiful figured AAA maple top is the stuff that dreams are made of, and whether you’re an amateur or a pro you’ll feel every bit the guitar hero with this ES-335 in your hands. Slip it into the accompanying Gibson hardshell case and hit the road in style.

26. ES-335 Dot Semi Hollowbody (Antique Faded Cherry)

Gibson ES-335 Dot Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Antique Faded Cherry

As with the ES-335 Figured, the ES-335 Dot maintains its old-world charms whilst benefitting from modern appointments. Boasting all-new Memphis Historic Spec II humbuckers along with the Memphis Tone Control Plus circuitry, the rousing semi-hollowbody energy we’ve all come to know and love, can be tempted from this beauty.

Fit and feel is just right thanks to the lightweight 3-ply maple/poplar/maple body, whilst the quartersawn mahogany neck with rounded ‘C’ profile fits your hand like a glove. Scaling the heady heights of the rosewood fingerboard is a breeze, with pearloid dot inlays to guide you in style.

Thanks to the combination of ABR-1 bridge and die-cast zinc stopbar tailpiece, you can rock ’til you drop with reassurance that intonation and sustain will ring true. Grover ‘Milk Bottle’ Rotomatics uphold tuning integrity with precision, so you can chop through classics or new-school riffs with abandon.

If you’ve never played an ES-335 Dot before then you’re in for a treat with Gibson’s newest addition to the family. Add to that a Gibson hardshell case and you’re well on your way to living the dream.

27. ES-335 Dot P90 Semi Hollowbody (Ebony)

Gibson ES-335 Dot P-90 Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Ebony

Also available in Wine Red

Last but by no means least is the ES-335 Dot P-90, which as you might have guessed offers all the luxury of the aforementioned ES-335 Dot but with P-90s!

Carefully calibrated with superb hum-cancelling capabilities, the bridge pickup features reversed-polarity. Therefore, you are assured epic tone from hushed to stadium-filling volume levels. Hand-wired 500K pots and ceramic capacitors ensure that you can delicately tame your tone without loss of clarity.

Grab your ES-335 Dot P-90, pop it into the supplied hardshell case and get out to wow the crowds!

Cheeky video

Let’s have a cheeky look at the Gibson Standard ’50s Les Paul.

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