A new Roland guitar amp dubbed the Cube Lite, provides great tone, and easy iPhone integration in a convenient package

There’s a new Roland guitar amp on the block, and it could be the perfect affordable practice amp for most home players. The Roland Cube Lite extends the massively popular Cube range with a sleek, compact stereo amp, designed to integrate with iPhone and iPad via the excellent Cube Jam app.

With a convenient desktop design, and COSM amp modelling technology too, this is a great little amp to have around the house.

Great reproduction via 2.1 Channel Audio System

Roland Guitar Amp - Cube lite

One of things that set the Roland amp range apart was the shape – as the name suggests, they tend to be cube-shaped. Not here, however. This is because the Cube Lite is based around a 2.1 channel audio system. So, it features a pair of stereo speakers with an integrated subwoofer to reproduce tones with a wide frequency rage.

The eagle-eyed may have noticed that the heavy-duty grille and corner protectors of other Roland amp models have also disappeared. This is because the Cube Lite is designed to be an amp for the home.

Roland has styled the amp with a far sleeker appearance, akin to that of a DAB radio or home Hi-Fi unit, so that the amp can be kept in a living room and fit into the décor subtly. Three colour options make this even easier in any room.

Roland Cube Jam

Beneath the sleek lines, and décor friendly design, the Cube Lite is every bit a Roland amp. Three COSM modelled guitar tones feature: JC Clean, Crunch, and Extreme. Between them, these deliver a broad range of tones, from sparkly clean, to British style crunch, and heavier distorted sounds. An onboard EQ and Chorus/ Reverb effect add even more to the palette of tones.

It is the Cube Lite ’s ability to integrate with iPhone and iPad, which provides it with features to make it an ideal practice tool, however. The iCube Link Jack provides an easy means to hook up an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

This comes into its own when used with the free Roland Cube Jam app. This plays songs, and ‘minus one’ tracks (without vocals or guitar parts, for example), to jam along with, and record the results to the connected iOS device. With a volume control on the amp to blend the level of the app signal, it adds a great, intuitive means to practice along with your favourite songs.

Roland Guitar Amp - Cube Lite Red

Here are the Cube Lite’s main features:

  • Compact, sleek design – designed to fit in with home décor, so that the amp can be a permanent fixture in a living room, should you wish
  • 2.1 Channel audio – Stereo speakers and integrated subwoofer delivers big sound
  • Three COSM modelled amp tones – JC Clean, Crunch and extreme
  • 2-Band EQ and reverb/ Chorus control – Adds controls to shape the sounds further
  • iCube Link Jack – Connect an iPod, iPad or iPod Touch easily via this connection, for integration with the free Cube Jam app. Jam along, and record performances with minimum fuss
  • Available in three finishes – Black, White and Red

The Cube Lite is welcome addition to the Roland Guitar Amp range, providing a convenient practice tool that is designed to fit easily into living spaces.