Farida headstock close up

There’s a new Wombats single coming imminently, and to celebrate, you can get a Farida Wombats at a great price!

An all new Wombats single was announced last week, the first new material from the Liverpool band since 2011’s ‘A Modern Glitch’. ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ is set for release on the 2nd October, and has been preceded by a rather, er… ‘teasing’ teaser.

In it we get the tiniest audio snippet of the track. However, it’s fairly clear that it marks a sonic departure for the band…

Deep, intense, anthemic…

The Wombats may be more closely associated with the kind of effortlessly anthemic, punk-pop that many bands would kill to be able to write, but ‘Your Body is A Weapon’ seems to come from a different universe.

An intense wall of densely packed synth layers create a deep, epic soundscape. From the tiny clip we’ve heard, it’s no less anthemic than band’s previous hits, either.

The Wombats are due to head out to LA to record the rest of the album, following the single’s launch. ‘A Modern Glitch’ was their most successful album yet- if this new track is any measure, it seems that 2013 promises even greater things for the band.

To celebrate, we’re promising some great things for Wombats fans, too…

Limited Edition Farida Artist Designed Wombats guitar – price reduction! /

New Wombats Single - Farida Artist Designed CT-20 Murph Wombats

Murph was one of the very first artists to become involved in the Farida Artist designed programme. This meant he co-designed his ideal guitar with the luthiers at Farida, who produced 25, individually numbered guitars, each identical to his own, for a ‘one time only’ production run.

The Farida Wombats CT-20 is the stunning result. A solid alder body is paired with a super-high gloss maple neck (which is really something to behold), and a vintage, baby blue-sparkle finish gives the guitar a uniquely retro appearance.

New Wombats Single - Farida Artist Designed CT-20 Murph Wombats

Where the guitar really stands apart from the masses, however, is with regard to its electronics. Two single coil pickups are equipped, but these are wired into a Doug Abrahams T-Bucker circuit.

In essence, this means that both pickups are wired almost as a widely spaced humbucker, with a push-pull volume control allowing these to be switched from parallel to series. The toggle acts as a kill switch.

New Wombats Single - Farida Artist Designed CT-20 Murph Wombats

We still have some of these highly limited edition guitars available. To celebrate the return of one of the UK’s finest bands, we’ve made these stunning instruments even more affordable. Now, a lucky few will be able to grab one for just £299!

If you’d like to own one of these, order online here. Alternatively, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).