Signature Guitars: Which Camp Are You In?

When is a signature guitar not a signature guitar? It must be great to be a working, successful musician. Imagine a situation where your latest record is being played everywhere. Fans are chasing you through the supermarket while you deliberate over which breakfast cereal to buy. Your stock could not be higher. Then, you receive… Read More

DJ Equipment for Beginners

The Vinyl Revival So, want to be a DJ? Like any musical pursuit, practice makes perfect. And if you’d like to practice regularly, you’re going to need a solid set-up or rig to hone those technical turntable skills. Even Annie Mac started out in her bedroom. Now, if you’re into your dance or hip hop,… Read More

4 Of The Best Bluetooth Amps

Sinking your Teeth into Wireless Connectivity Convenience (for most of us), is everything these days. From smartphones that pay for our weekly shop, to robotic vacuum cleaners that terrify our pets. With this said, when we’re buying gear as a musician, we want stuff that’s savvy and justifiable, especially when space in our house/flat/halls of… Read More

Line 6 Helix LT Review

Hefty multi-fx shows evolution of veteran brand As a younger player, making my way through the initial stages of learning the guitar, the name Line 6 really started to take off. The company produced mostly amplifiers with all kinds of unique techno-frippery inside. You could make your guitar sound like it was coming out of… Read More

5 Design Classics

Hey Good Looking On the Dawsons blog, we prioritise function over fashion when talking about the instruments we’re excited about. With this said, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy. In today’s blog we’re purely about the aesthetics. This is our list of design classics, available today! Fender Stratocaster As American as apple… Read More

The Big Muff Guide

A Brief Look at the Origins of The Big Muff (credit: Adam Miller) A piece of musical hardware the sounds as striking as its name suggests, the Big Muff has played a pivotal part in guitar music throughout the decades. Offering the hard distortion you’ll find on records like ‘Search and Destroy’ by the Stooges… Read More

The Left Handed Guitar Guide

Finding the Right Left Handed Guitar At least 10% of us are left handed, so you’d expect that 10% of all guitars would be the same, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Announcing that you are a left handed guitarist is usually met with snorts of derision, or pity. Yes, we could learn right… Read More

Choosing The Right Keyboard Instrument

Which Keys Are Right For You? There was a time when this would be a very simple question to answer… On the one hand, big money and lots of room meant you could have the luxury of an acoustic or digital piano. On the other hand those who wanted a compact, budget-friendly solution opted for… Read More

7 Game Changing Instruments

Let’s Push Things Forward Music, like all forms of art, must evolve in order to survive. Fortunately for us, the creative manufacturing industry continues to develop amazing products that will push music into the 22nd century. In this blog we’re going to look at 7 instruments that changed the game. Fender Telecaster Where else could… Read More

4 Of The Coolest Koa Guitars

Aloha Koa! Hawaii is an amazing place. The surf, the beaches, the Ukelele! Even better than that though is the Koa tree. The Acacia Koa is native to Hawaii, where it is the second most common tree. According to The World Resources Insitute: “Guitars made from Koa were an innovation of the early 19th century,… Read More