Gifts For Guitar Lovers

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to guitar related presents. We’ve put together some great gifts for guitar lovers to help.

Best Professional Audio Interfaces

It’s clear that the best professional audio interface manufacturers are really tuned into the market, and it’s refreshing to see so many different options available.

Hardware Vs Soft Synths

On screen or in the box? If you’ve attempted any form of music production in the past few years, chances are you’ve come across soft synths in one form or another. From the colossal beasts contained with Native Instrument’s Komplete, through to the more limited efforts in Garageband, soft synths are everywhere. In essence, they… Read More

Best MIDI Pad Controllers

Some of the best MIDI pad controllers to get your fingers jamming Anyone who has ever tapped a beat out on a table using their fingers knows it. Sometimes, that simple action of hitting something is all it takes to get the music flowing. We’re fortunate then that there are now a whole class of… Read More

What Is The Best Guitar For Beginners in 2017?

If you are looking for the best beginner guitar, here is a guide to some of the best available. Read more about starter electric guitars, acoustic guitars ..

A Full Gig Rig You Can Fit In A Bag?

Small scale gear for making large scale noise There’s been a definite trend over recent years to shrink down amps, pedals and other bits of musical equipment. Whether it’s advances in technology – i.e. being able to use fewer components to achieve the same result – or increased portability, certain items do lend themselves to… Read More

New Native Instruments Gear – A Step Up?

New marks take production faves and roll the changes Native Instruments was one of the first companies to recognise the potential power on offer through attaching external gear to a computer-based studio system. By removing the complexities of MIDI sync setups and instead using USB, recording enthusiasts were able to simply hook up one of… Read More

7 Best Mini Amps You Can Take Anywhere

These mini amplifiers are perfect for those with limited space Best Mini Amps As all guitarists and bass players will understand, there’s nothing quite like plugging in to the loudest amp you can find and letting your guitar wail. However, your neighbours may disagree, especially if you decide to start busting out some serious riffage… Read More

Best Beginner Keyboard 2017 – Top 5

Here’s our guide to the best beginner keyboard for you. To suit all budgets, styles and levels – perfect if you’re just starting your musical journey.

Is Roli Seaboard The Hottest Thing In Music Tech?

The future is bright…and five-dimensional? Followers of music technology may already be familiar with Roli. In 2014 the company appeared out of nowhere with a futuristic product called the Roli Seaboard Grand. This obscure looking instrument promised to revolutionise the musical instrument industry. American-born founder Roland Lamb proclaimed it would be the biggest invention since… Read More