Getting Started With Ableton Push 2

One controller to rule them all Ableton is best known for its DAW (digital audio workstation) juggernaut Live. Now in its ninth iteration, Live has become the centrepiece of studios, stages and bedroom setups the world over. It differs from other DAWs in that it is as much geared towards performance as it is towards… Read More

Five Obstacles You’ll Face With Your DAW

Know the pitfalls before you hit them As musicians and producers, we love the chance to record. Now, with all the super shiny amazing tech which is available to us, we have the opportunity to build entire studio setups at a cost which won’t make your eyes water. For less than it costs to buy… Read More

Creating A Summer Sound

Sun drenched synths and hot hooks   Much like the weather, the change in seasons brings out a change in musical tastes for many. With the padded jackets firmly locked up in the wardrobes, and the back garden looking like somewhere you can kick back, the soundtracks that accompany the summer are very different to… Read More

How To Sound Like Todd Terje

We’re all gearing up for the summer over here at Dawsons, and whose sound screams out summer more than “King of the Summer Jams” Todd Terje. Introduction Todd Terje is modern day disco royalty. A DJ, producer, remixer and label owner, he made his name in the mid 00s with a string of bootlegs. He’s… Read More

How To Make Hip Hop Beats

Fire in the booth As a genre, hip hop has become something altogether more sprawling and diverse than it was 20 years ago. Where the early pioneers favoured a simple setup involving little more than sampled sounds, turntables and microphones, nowadays producers have a wealth of instruments and technology with which they can create their beats…. Read More

Taming Your Amp Simulation Software

Deconstructing the digital beast Amp simulation software (aka amp sims) offer guitarists digital approximations of pretty much any sound you could feasibly think of, all from within your laptop or computer. By simply connecting your guitar to an audio interface, then into a computer running the right software, you can get close to more sounds than… Read More

Using Creative Automation In Your Daw

Making the machine do the work If you read the newspapers you would probably assume that automation, in the wider sense of the word, is coming to take our jobs and reduce humanity to slavery. That may be true – and this isn’t the place to get into those debates – but there is conversely… Read More

Best Apps For Guitarists

Second screen help for six stringers Guitarists are pretty fortunate these days. Aside from the unbelievable number of toys and tools on offer to augment their rigs, they are also the musicians who benefit most from the rise in popularity of smartphone and tablet devices. There are apps available now to do anything from helping… Read More

Recording Multiple Instruments At The Same Time

Tips and techniques for simultaneous recording We’ve all been in the situation where we need to record something quickly. Where you don’t want to mess around with overdubs. Where you’re trying to capture the moment of performance in one fell swoop. It may be that amazing riff you come up with, with the killer melody,… Read More

Recording Great Backing Vocals At Home

Updated 28/12/16 Pop, Rock and everything in-between  – we look at how to record backing vocals at home Adding backing vocals to your recordings, whether at home or in the studio is an essential part of the recording process. It adds weight to your overall sound and really makes your lead vocals shine. No matter… Read More