How To Record Piano

Techniques to help when only the real thing is good enough We’ve discussed before on this blog how musicians, producers and studio techs have things so easy nowadays. Any instrument you can think of is just a few clicks away thanks to the phenomenal advances in studio technology. These days anyone with a laptop and… Read More

DIY Synth Kits – Create The Sound That’s In Your Head

Build your own Sonic Frankenstein! Due to the sheer amount of choice in synthesizers, controllers and sound modules on the market these days, no musician should ever feel that they are restricted to just one synth, sequencer or any form of EDM instrument. Thanks to technological advances in connectivity, MIDI and USB connections and a myriad… Read More

How To Improve Piano Technique In The New Year

The New Year begins with good intentions – here are some good ways to improve your piano technique this year… When the New Year begins, most people have some very good intentions, if you’re a pianist, these will no doubt extend to your playing in some way. This is very commendable, but if you don’t… Read More

What Is An Arpeggiator?

It’s one of the most commonly found features on a synthesizer, but what is an arpeggiator and what does it do? Synthesizers, as you may have already gathered, are packed with features that have incredibly complex sounding names. Oscillators, ring modulators, modulation envelopes… the list goes on and on. In most cases, these features are… Read More

What Is Sympathetic Resonance?

It’s becoming a feature commonly seen on digital pianos, so here ask what is sympathetic resonance? Digital pianos have evolved immeasurably in the past decade. Whereas the amount of sample RAM on early instruments meant that the piano sound was economically created by using a few, select samples of piano keys, and spreading them across… Read More

More Synthesis Types

We expand on our previous guide with some more synthesis types… In a previous article here on this blog, we covered some of the most common synthesis types: subtractive, PCM and FM. There are more, however… Here’s an explanation of how two less common synth types work… Wavetable synthesis Wavetable synthesis was another early digital… Read More

Types Of Synthesis

Different types of synthesis result in very different sounds – here’s a guide to some of the most common types As technology has evolved, the methods used by synthesizers to generate their sounds have changed. Nowadays, there is a myriad of different ways that synths operate, each with their own characteristic sound. The differences between… Read More

What Do The Pedals On A Piano Do?

A simple guide to what each pedal does… When learning to play keyboard or piano, you generally have enough to contend with dealing with the keys, so the pedals tend to come into things a bit later. But, if you look at them with the trepidation of a person who has just been sat in… Read More

How To Create a Reese Bass on the Roland GAIA

A step by step guide how to create a Reese Bass on the Roland GAIA synthesizer If you’ve ever wondered how to create a Reese bass, wonder no more….. The Reese Bass is a staple sound in Drum and Bass and Dubstep genres of music. Full, yet with enough modulation to stay interesting, it can really… Read More