Signature Guitars: Which Camp Are You In?

When is a signature guitar not a signature guitar? It must be great to be a working, successful musician. Imagine a situation where your latest record is being played everywhere. Fans are chasing you through the supermarket while you deliberate over which breakfast cereal to buy. Your stock could not be higher. Then, you receive… Read More

DJ Equipment for Beginners

The Vinyl Revival So, want to be a DJ? Like any musical pursuit, practice makes perfect. And if you’d like to practice regularly, you’re going to need a solid set-up or rig to hone those technical turntable skills. Even Annie Mac started out in her bedroom. Now, if you’re into your dance or hip hop,… Read More

Gear DNA: Buddy Holly By Weezer

Getting The Sound From Weezer’s Breakthrough Track This is the first of a new series, where we’re going to break down a classic track for you from a musician’s point of view. Here though, we won’t be focusing on chord structures or time signatures. Oh no. Instead these articles will look at the gear, tones and… Read More

Getting Back Into Making Music

Sometimes we all need a break So music is your passion, but you’ve lost that loving feeling? Well then, consider this a paean to you. Here’s how I got back into making music. From playing my dad’s old Hendrix tapes and getting my first record (Guns n’ Roses, since you asked), through to the hours and hours… Read More

How To Promote Your Music Online

Tips to make it happen online for your band So you’ve written the songs, put the hours in practicing and carefully recorded your music the way you want it to be heard. Your live shows are generating a bit of buzz and you’re perhaps now looking at how to promote your music online. In the… Read More

Using Your Recording Studio As An Instrument

Unlocking the potential of your recording studio We all know the recording studio as the place to go when your tunes are written, your tones dialed in and your chops well practiced. You enter the studio environment with the goal of committing your tracks to record, giving them a polish and sending them off into… Read More

Ultimate Rigs: Budget vs Pro

Best of the best for very different budgets It’s nice to dream, innit? It’s fun to imagine the havoc you could cause armed with a blank cheque and a bottomless pit of money to get rid of. Just think of all the cool stuff you could buy with a lottery-esque windfall behind you. The problem… Read More

Introduction To Mixing And Post-Production

Tips for making your music sparkle For many home recording enthusiasts, the mixing and post-production stage is often one shrouded with mystery, a dark art which only a few hallowed individuals can practice. In reality, it’s as much a crucial part of the recording process as recording itself, because it is only after you have… Read More

NAMM 2017: The Best Hi-Tec Gear

New gear from Roland, Akai, Teenage Engineering and Arturia The MI industry’s annual jamboree has given musicians a raft of new gear to get excited over. NAMM 2017 has seen strong offerings from all of the big boys, and has given an interesting glimpse into the growth of new musical demographics. Where previously being a… Read More

Home Recording Studio Setup For Under £300

Get your recording game on without breaking the bank We’re lucky with the era we live in. Technology has made things so much easier on so many levels. As musicians, we can now fit pretty much an entire home recording studio setup into a bedroom or practice room. In fact, with the right gear, you… Read More