The Story Behind The Tom Quayle Signature Guitar

This is the story behind the Ibanez Tom Quayle Signature Guitar model from the man himself. Based on the Ibanez AZ Series guitar, the TQM1 gets the full Tom Quayle experience …

What To Expect From Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 will be available in the usual Intro, Standard and Suite versions. It has some excellent features which we review here.

Gibson 2018 Electric Guitar Range

It’s that time again. We’re looking at the new Gibson 2018 range of electric guitars. From high quality Les Pauls to stunning S-335s, we have the lot.

Introducing the Casio Hybrid Grand Piano

Casio have combined the best of acoustic pianos with some digital piano features that are truly unique to deliver their Hybrid Grand Piano.

5 Design Classics

Hey Good Looking On the Dawsons blog, we prioritise function over fashion when talking about the instruments we’re excited about. With this said, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy. In today’s blog we’re purely about the aesthetics. This is our list of design classics, available today! Fender Stratocaster As American as apple… Read More

What Happens When Musical Genres Collide

Greater than the sum of their parts Music is wonderful in that, no matter how hard people try, it cannot always be put into little pigeonholes. For the most part, musicians and performers are creative souls. With creativity usually comes a sense of curiosity. “Will it work if I throw a 200bpm breakbeat over this… Read More

Getting Started With The Teenage Engineering OP-1

Unleash the potential of the magic Swedish box In 2011, Swedish audio firm Teenage Engineering released their now-flagship device, the OP-1. As well as looking like something from a museum of modern art (indeed, it actually is) this device promised an entire, portable electronic music studio in a very small footprint. It looks, at the… Read More

How Step Sequencers Are Changing Music

A step too far? We’ve spoken before on this blog about how music is now much more democratic these days. By this, we mean it is much easier for people who wouldn’t class themselves as musicians to start creating their own tunes using techniques which are perhaps different to how music was in the past…. Read More

Orange Rocker 15 Review

Rebooted range shows its class It’s fair to say that Orange’s Tiny Terror amp changed the amplification landscape. Amp heads now commonly known as ‘lunchbox’ heads weren’t really a major thing until the British company launched its 15 watt box of tricks. Afterwards, they became fairly common. You could argue that the new trend towards… Read More

Best New Guitar Gear At NAMM 2017

Tasty new gear for guitarists… Guitarists looking to this year’s NAMM event in Anaheim won’t be disappointed with the amount of the new models they can expect to see hitting the stores soon. From entry level models designed to encourage the next generation, through to some of the most extravagantly obscure prototypes you’ll ever see,… Read More