What Happens When Musical Genres Collide

Greater than the sum of their parts Music is wonderful in that, no matter how hard people try, it cannot always be put into little pigeonholes. For the most part, musicians and performers are creative souls. With creativity usually comes a sense of curiosity. “Will it work if I throw a 200bpm breakbeat over this… Read More

How Step Sequencers Are Changing Music

A step too far? We’ve spoken before on this blog about how music is now much more democratic these days. By this, we mean it is much easier for people who wouldn’t class themselves as musicians to start creating their own tunes using techniques which are perhaps different to how music was in the past…. Read More

A Look At Komplete’s Newest Recording Software

A custom built piano, orchestration and delays – 7 features of Komplete 11 to get excited about Since the announcement of Komplete 11, producers and home studio enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the September 1st release date, anxious to get their hands on the new recording software bundle from renowned brand Native Instruments. Although information on… Read More

The Scarlett 2nd Generation – Focusrite Set The Bar

The worlds best audio interface just got better Since it was founded by Rupert Neve in 1985, Focusrite has become one of, if not the go-to brand for both professional and home recording enthusiasts and musicians who want easy to use, reliable and highly portable options for laying down studio quality recordings. The Scarlett range… Read More

New KORG Products For NAMM 2016 – Interview

New analogue polyphonic synthesizers, nano controllers and a brand new piano revealed… Ahead of NAMM 2016 we spoke to Ian Bradshaw, Category Manager at KORG, to talk all things synth and find out about the new 2016 product lineup from KORG, the innovative brand and household name in electronic music and production. Could you give a brief… Read More

Best DJ And Electronic Gear Of 2015

A few choice cuts from the 2015 collection Over the course of 2015 we have seen some amazing new hi-tech gear reach the shelves. From all-singing, all-dancing studio centrepieces through to more obscure – but no less fun – oddities, there have been some cracking new releases over the past 12 months. And, with it… Read More

The Rise Of The DAW Controller

Updated 29/12/16 Platform-specific controllers leading the way If you use a computer-based studio, chances are you’re using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). DAWs are the software packages you use to see visually what’s being recorded, the different settings and parameters you have in place, and the timeline onto which you lay out your song structures…. Read More

Akai Advance Review

Updated 29/12/16 Controller keyboard to rule them all? The marketplace for USB controller keyboards has never looked so flush. There are controllers for every budget, size or musical requirement, and the competition for attention is fierce. Akai, veterans of the genre, have proven over the years that they can meet the demands of the modern musician… Read More

Focusrite Red Plugin Review

Classic compressor and EQ make their plugin debut The Focusrite Red range of studio outboard gear has been used in top studios the world over for decades. Introduced in 1994, the entire range, clad in its distinctive red casing, found favour with the professionals on account of its super-high clarity and versatility, pure and simple…. Read More

Roland Aira MX-1 Review

MX-1 performance mixer from Roland is the final piece of the Aira jigsaw Coming in around a year after the launch of the rest of the (existing) Aira range, the Roland MX-1 performance mixer should arguably have been there from the start. Positioned as the centrepiece of any self-respecting Aira studio, or any other hardware… Read More