New Beginner V-Drum Kits From Roland

Entry level excellence There is no shortage of drum kits available for beginners – from the full size, full noise ‘shells and skins’ of an acoustic drum kit to the space saving, low noise convenience of electronic drum kits. Choosing the right kit is usually a compromise between quality and price, particularly when you’re starting… Read More

Review: Alesis DM6 USB

Affordable digital drums are everywhere –  we check out one of the latest in our Alesis DM6 USB Review It wasn’t too long ago that digital drums were for drummers with deep pockets and a more experimental bent. As with all technology, prices have tumbled over the years, and as a result, the electronic kit… Read More

Roland Portable V-Drums Announced

A new Roland Portable V-Drums kit has been unveiled, providing one of the most practical drum kits ever… With the kind of design that is so well realised that it makes you think ‘why has no-one done this before?’, Roland Portable V-Drums have been announced. The new TD-4KP V-Drums Portable combines the module from the TD-4… Read More

Gadget Show ‘s Jason Bradbury Tests DTX400 Kit

Gadget Show Guru, Jason Bradbury, gets his hands on the Yamaha DTX400 kit, and seems mightily impressed… The Gadget Show ‘s interest in music related technology seems to grow every year. The show has screened Music Technology specials, and showcases a wide variety of gear, from instruments, to DJ gear and recording equipment. This reflects… Read More

Unveiling the Roland TD-11 V-Drum Range – Now with Supernatural Technology

The Roland TD-11 V-Drum range is unveiled, now with supernatural technology The Roland TD-11 range has been revealed, adding two new kits and a new module to the V-Drum range. These new kits incorporate technology previously reserved for the flagship Roland TD-30 kits, in the form of the SuperNATURAL sound technology, and behaviour modelling. The… Read More