The New Gibson HP Acoustic Range Has Landed

New designs, classic styles – introducing the Gibson 2017 HP Range Thanks to Gibson’s outstanding reputation for producing world class acoustic guitars, when a new line is announced, the world stands up and takes notice. 2017 looks to be an impressive year for the brand with the release of the new 2017 HP acoustic range, featuring… Read More

Fender Acoustic Paramount Series Interview

High-end acoustics for the gigging musician Part look to the future and part nod to the past, the Fender Paramount series is beautiful acoustic guitar series that should get gigging musicians very excited. Dawsons spoke to Mark, Fender Product Specialist, at NAMM 2016 about the inspiration behind the design and sound of this high quality range of… Read More

Fender Announce Paramount Acoustics at NAMM 2016

Beautifully crafted acoustics for the discerning guitar player NAMM 2016 is the best day ever for musicians, especially guitarists, as announcements about new products really get us going. Fender have never been a brand to disappoint and this year is no exception. With the announcement of their new Paramount series of acoustics, the musical heavyweights have propelled… Read More

Taylor Guitars NAMM 2016 Interview

Exciting times ahead for Taylor Guitars in 2016 Since 1974 Taylor Guitars have been crafting some of the most beautiful guitars in the world. Their attention to detail and focus on playability has seen the brand lauded as one of the best musical instrument manufacturers by leading musicians. 2015 saw the release of the gorgeous Grand… Read More

The World’s Most Playable Beginner’s Guitar?

Finding guitar playing difficult? Maybe Epiphone can help… Learning and playing guitar, particularly an acoustic guitar, can be a real challenge. It’s tough on the fingers and can very quickly begin to feel like a massive struggle with little or no progress to show for your effort (we know, we’ve been there too). If you… Read More

Glowing Review For The Farida James Morrison

Acoustic Magazine has just published a very impressive review for the Farida James Morrison guitar Please note: The Farida James Morrison Signature Acoustic Guitar was a limited-edition model and is now longer available. If you’re looking for something similar, check out the range of Farida Acoustic Guitars. The Farida Artist Designed range has produced some… Read More

Steve Hackett Revealed As New Farida Artist

We’re pleased to announce that Steve Hackett is the latest artist to become a Farida endorsee The term ‘legendary’ is one that is misused constantly, particularly in the world of music. The smallest of achievements seems to justify the term. And yet, there are some artists whose credits make it difficult to argue against this… Read More

A Classical Guitar That Is Affordable But Amazing?

The Merida Trajan T-5 is a classical guitar the defies all logic of affordability and quality… Finding a truly great-sounding classical guitar on a budget can be a thankless task. Whilst there are many steel-strung acoustic guitars that seem able to provide a level of quality that is way above what could be expected from… Read More

James Morrison Farida Artist Designed Guitar Coming Soon

James Morrison is set to be the next artist to receive a Farida Artist Designed Guitar! The Farida Artist Designed range has a new forthcoming model: James Morrison is latest artist to get his hands on a stunning signature model. The UK singer songwriter has established himself as that rare artist, with both ‘muso’ credibility… Read More

Merida Guitars – A Stunning New Brand At Dawsons

You might not have heard of Merida Guitars (yet), but we’re sure you’re going to love them as much as we do… One of the great things about the music trade shows that go on throughout the year is the many amazing, but unknown suppliers that exhibit their wares, and Merida guitars is great example… Read More