Orange Rocker 15 Review

Rebooted range shows its class It’s fair to say that Orange’s Tiny Terror amp changed the amplification landscape. Amp heads now commonly known as ‘lunchbox’ heads weren’t really a major thing until the British company launched its 15 watt box of tricks. Afterwards, they became fairly common. You could argue that the new trend towards… Read More

Talking Tiny Terror and O Bass – Orange Amplification Interview

We talk new gear with the legendary Adrian Emsley NAMM 2016 was a fantastic year for the guitar world, yielding new products from some of the world’s most prestigious and well-known brands, including Orange. We have already spoken about some of this new equipment in an earlier blog, but at NAMM 2016 we were lucky enough to chat to Orange Technical… Read More

Of Amps And Apps – An Interview On The New Marshall CODE Series

Marshall CODE series unveiled at NAMM 2016 Marshall have been very busy recently, releasing two great new series of amps at NAMM 2016, namely the CODE and 2525 Mini Jubilee. It is the CODE series that has really captured our attention, with its huge selection of classic preprogrammed sounds and its seemless connectivity with smart devices…. Read More

New Marshall Amps Unveiled For 2016

A step into the future and a reissue of a classic. Marshall, one of the most famous names in amplification, have never been a brand to ignore the ever changing needs of the modern musician, whether it’s the need for modelling capabilities, smaller more compact products for the touring musician or connectivity. Whilst keeping one… Read More

New Orange Amps, Pedals And Bass For NAMM 2016

Happy birthday to a legend! All the big names in the world of guitar equipment have something special to show at NAMM 2016, and British institution Orange are no exception. As well as rightly reflecting on past successes, they are also continuing to  expand outwards from amplifiers and producing some quite remarkble new bass guitars and… Read More

Orange Micro Dark Review

Tiny amp beckons you to the dark side Not content with having launched one entire sub genre of amplifiers in the shape of ‘lunchbox’ amps, British manufacturer Orange now seemingly has its sights set on first creating and then dominating another sub genre – the nano hybrid amp. Whereas lunchbox amps like the Tiny and… Read More

Blackstar Fly 3 Review

Mini amp offers great tones and portability from tiny unit Just as a few years ago there was a glut of ‘lunchbox’ style amps which flooded the market, there now seems to be a trend towards amps which are at home in your front room as they are in your studio. We’ve had so-called lounge… Read More

What Next For Marshall Amps?

What does the future hold for the biggest name in the industry? It might be premature to call it a ‘fork in the road’ moment for Marshall Amps. It feels almost sacrilegious to think it; this is after all one of, if not THE, biggest brand a musician can call on. It’s famous logo pervades… Read More

Lounge Amps – Compact Amps For The Home Musician

Updated 21/12/16 Amps which prove bigger isn’t always better… There’s a lot to be said for guitarist’s use of ever more powerful, ever louder amplifiers. Just as a Citroen 2CV would do a perfectly reasonable job of getting you to and from the shops to pick up your paper, the whole process would be much… Read More

New Marshall AFD Combo To Be Shown At NAMM

The Slash signature Marshall AFD Combo will finally see the light of day at NAMM 2013… The much discussed and long-awaited Marshall AFD combo, built as a prototype for Slash, will finally see the light of day as a production model. The compact, low wattage signature amp will be unveiled officially as a production model… Read More