Roland release new products including the VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato pedal

An electronic Cajon, a new amp and the release of a classic, sought after pedal… Ahead of NAMM 2016 we take a look at the great new products coming from our friends at Roland. Including a great range of Midi Controllers, guitar pedals, amplifiers, an electric Cajon drum and a very special digital piano. A-01… Read More

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Review

Pocket sized operator offers a world of fun Teenage Engineering is an interesting company. Operating on the fringes of the mainstream musical instrument scene, the Swedish brand produces a small range of interesting, unique and extremely stylised items which are quite unlike anything else on the market. As such, they don’t have much in the… Read More

Roland JD-Xi Review

Portable analogue/digital crossover synth hits the spot The sub-£500 synth space is booming nowadays, with offerings from all the usual names finding favour among musicians. From the evergreen Korg Microkorg through to the superb Arturia Microbrute, there are plenty of tempting options if you’re looking to bolster your rig with all manner of high quality synth… Read More

Roland Announces Aira Modular Range

Synth range goes plug and play The release in 2014 of Roland’s new Aira range of synths, drum machines and other such electronic goodies marked a new chapter in the history of the famous Japanese company. Coming at a time when synth-love was reaching fever pitch, thanks to a new wave of electronic musician, Aira… Read More

NAMM 2015: Nord Electro 5 Announced

One of the earliest announcements of those expected at the NAMM 2015 show comes from Swedish synth and stage piano experts Nord. The Nord Electro 5 has been built by taking the already amazing Electro 4 model and upgrading every aspect possible to create one of the most well-rounded live performances keyboard currently available. Piano… Read More

Moog: Past, Present and Future

The benchmark of musical synthesis Some brands remain synonymous with certain types of music. For vintage American rock music, it has to be Fender or Gibson. For folk music, you can’t look past Taylor or Martin acoustics. For electronic music, there can be only one name which comes to mind; Moog. The American company’s famous line… Read More

Synth Icons – The Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synth

Updated 7/11/16 Like many synth icons, the Roland TB-303 transformed the music by being used in ways it was never intended… aciiieeed! There are bits of musical equipment that are so well designed for a given purpose that they quickly become a standard, used by nearly everyone. More often than not, however, the gear that… Read More

Roland Axial Synth Sound Library Launched

The Roland Axial Synth Sound Library provides even more sonic ammunition for your Roland synth The strength of any synthesizer is in its sounds. Without a bank of excellent sounds to draw upon, your synth effectively has no voice. In addition, a good sound can get the creative juices flowing like nothing else, as you… Read More

Synth Histories – the Novation Supernova

The Novation Supernova was one of the most influential synths the UK brand ever made – here’s a potted history… UK synthesizer and music technology brand, Novation, has an impressive CV to say the least. Breaking through with the superb Bass Station analogue synth, against a tide of digital synths (check out the all-new Bass… Read More

Is 2013 The Year Of The Analogue Synthesizer Renaissance?

We’re barely a quarter of the way into 2013, and the analogue synthesizer is making its presence felt once again… Once upon a time, the analogue synthesizer was simply ‘the synthesizer’. Analogue technology was the only means of generating synthesized sound. Then, in the 80s, digital synthesis arrived, and provided a far more stable and… Read More