Nineboys Wedge Diddley Bow

Add a touch of Delta Blues to your music with the Nineboys Wedge

The Nineboys Wedge has been receiving plaudits from the guitar press since its launch, and with good reason. This strange instrument is inspired by the ‘diddley-bows’ used by early Delta Blues players. A single string is stretched over the wedge body, with a pickup mounted underneath. The instrument was built to be played with a bottleneck slide.

The Nineboys Wedge is a modern, ready-made example of this, with a more reliable construction, but all of the charms of these DIY creations.

Nineboys Wedge Diddley Bow

Authentic appearance

Many of these ‘Diddley Bows’ were made from materials that had been discarded, and the Nineboys Wedge pays homage to this ethic. The bridge is a tin can, with the single string stretched over this. At the other end, the nut is very nearly just that: a large nut and bolt rest in a groove to keep it in place.

Nineboys Wedge - 'nut'

Despite this, there are a few ‘home comforts’ that make this a little bit more convenient and practical than a DIY construction. A single machine head provides the ability to change tuning easily, and beneath the string are ‘fret markers’, with a blues scale indicated along its length. The Nineboys Wedge also has a volume control– a luxury on an instrument of this type. Unlike DIY efforts, it is built consistently, and to a high standard, and this British made ‘guitar’ is made with sustainable materials wherever possible.

Nineboys Wedge - machine head

The Nineboys Wedge could be a great gift for ‘the guitarist who has everything’– particularly for blues fans or players. Priced at just £79 (price correct as of 26/10/12), it’s an ideal way of adding a new sound to your sonic arsenal, without breaking the bank- for the price of an effects pedal, you could take your playing in a whole new direction.

If you would like to order one of these great instruments, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420). Oh, and don’t forget the slide… 😉

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