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Looking For A Nord Keyboard In Northern Ireland?

Looking For A Nord Keyboard In Northern Ireland?

Dawsons Belfast is a Nord Keyboard Dealer

Now, there’s another Nord Keyboard dealer in Northern Ireland…

A while ago, we reported here that our Bangor store was the only Nord Keyboard dealer in Northern Ireland. Now, I have to report that this is no longer the case…

Thankfully, this is because our (fairly) new Belfast store is now also a Nord stockist!

If you haven’t been lucky enough to try one of the famous red synths or pianos before, allow me to provide a bit of background info.

Nord are a subsidiary of the Swedish brand, Clavia, whose first product was the revolutionary Ddrum DPP-1 digital drum. When it launched the Nord Lead synthesizer in 1995, it changed the synth world forever.

Dawsons Belfast is a Nord Keyboard Dealer

This was the world’s first analogue modelling synthesizer, offering analogue style control and sounds but with convenience and stability of a digital synth.

Oh, and it was bright red…

Ever synth then, Nord has built a reputation for truly outstanding performance instruments, geared towards the most demanding musicians, and has developed a range that encompasses everything from stunning synths, to stage pianos, and even drum modules.

And now, you can try these at Dawsons Belfast!

Here’s a mini guide to some of the Nord keyboard models you might find lurking in-store from now on…

Nord Lead 4

Nord Keyboard - Lead 4

Nord’s first synth is updated for to include wavetable technology with formant waves, hard/soft sync modes, up four oscillators per voice and more. The best performance synth available? It just might be…

Nord Piano 2 HP

Nord Piano 2

The Nord Piano 2 is one of the best sounding, lightest, most robust and expandable stage pianos available. But for some, it was still a bit too bulky.

The HP version keeps all of the 88-note version’s features, but slims the keys down to 73, and the weight down to a tiny 11kg. It will even fit on the back seat of a car with ease.

Nord Stage 2

Nord Stage 2

The Stage 2 is, perhaps, the daddy of all Nord Keyboard models. Essentially, it combines all of Nord’s technologies in a single unit. The tone wheel organs are based on C2 technology, the piano sounds from the Nord piano, with the synth engine based on the Nord Wave and Lead.

It’s expandable via the free Nord Piano library and Nord sample library, and available in two fully weighted versions (88-note and 76-note) and a 73-note version with a semi-weighted waterfall keyboard.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Dawsons Belfast and see why Nord are the choice of pros everywhere.

Store contact and location details can be found here.

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