The Novation Summit Polyphonic Synthesiser packs in a mightily impressive level of creative potential for those who like to push sonic boundaries...

Flagship Synth that Boasts Enviable Poly Potential

Novation have outdone themselves with their latest offering, the Summit Polyphonic Synthesiser. Boasting New Oxford Oscillators, which offer subtractive, FM and wavetable synthesis, the Summit is a two-part, 16-voice, 61-key polyphonic monster that allows you to craft elaborate compositions via complete tactile control.

Two Peaks in One Synth

Novation Summit Polyphonic Synthesiser Top

Borrowing the architecture and workflow of their highly popular Peak polyphonic synth, Novation’s Summit is effectively two Peaks crammed into a single portable device. At your disposal are 16-voices across a multitimbral engine, which allows you to operate two patches simultaneously. A vast array of options are set out before you with the ability to split or stack them for keys players who want an immersive experience or switch everything between two independent setups. If you’ve got a Peak, then you can use those patches with the Summit too.

Power Without Compromise

Novation Summit Polyphonic Synthesiser Angled Left

The power that lies within the Summit is nothing short of astonishing thanks to the New Oxford Oscillators. The built-in FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip, generates waveforms directly using 24MHz bitstream processing, working intently to mirror the response and often quirky instability associated with analogue circuitry.

True analogue filters with three stages of distortion allow you to create a tsunami of saturation, making it a breeze to conjure ethereal soundscapes. A switchable dual filter operates between six paired combinations of low-pass, high-pass and band-pass modes at 12dB/octave, or single modes at 24dB/octave. You can go to extraordinary lengths to push your sonic boundaries far and wide.

Tactile Totality

Novation Summit Polyphonic Synthesiser Angled Right

Along with the excellent five-octave, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard (with aftertouch no less), there are buttons, dials, faders, and jogwheels to give you absolute mastery over your sound. Everything is set out in such a way as to accommodate the clumsiest of knob twiddlers (yours truly included), whilst making it easily navigable so that your creativity can flourish unimpeded.


Novation Summit Polyphonic Synthesiser Rear

The Novation Summit is a USB-MIDI class compliant device, and also features a selection of MIDI (IN/OUT/THRU) and jack connections for integrating additional hardware/software. Novation supply a copy of Ableton Lite software with each unit to get you up and running immediately.

CALC from Novation takes us through the Summit in the superb overview video below.