Orange Micro Terror Review

Vintage British tone in the smallest package yet – we lend an ear in our Orange Micro Terror review

The new Orange Micro Terror is the most compact guitar amp head that Orange has ever produced. With a chassis not much bigger than two or three paperback books, the Micro Terror is truly tiny, but don’t let its size fool you. Like the other amplifiers in the Terror range, this is a thoroughbred amplifier, promising the type of classic tonal character that has made Orange amplifiers sought after the World over.

We find out if great things truly do come in small packages in our Orange Micro Terror review.

Tube preamp and solid-state power amp

The Orange Micro Terror features the same aesthetic styling as the original Tiny Terror. A rugged white metal box with the iconic Orange logo and trim, the unit’s three heavy-duty control knobs are mounted on the front panel, along with a ¼” jack input and headphone output, a mini-jack aux input, and a power switch.

Orange Micro Terror Review

An industrial-looking, metal carry handle on the top of the unit adds further to its portability. Beneath the surface, the Orange Micro Terror is designed around a tube preamp, with a single 12AX7 tube, and a 20W RMS, solid-state power amp. As stated, the amp has just three controls: master volume, tone and gain. From these controls, however, a wide range of classic Orange tones can be wrung, from clean, to British crunch, to heavier, overdriven tones.

Orange Micro Terror review

In Use

The immediately noticeable thing about the Micro Terror is the quality of build. It really is like a Tiny terror that has ‘shrunk in the wash’. The chassis is a metal, and all controls are well fixed, and smooth in operation.

The Orange Micro Terror can be connected to a speaker cabinet of 4-ohm impedance or higher – the unit will even drive a 4 x 12 cab! As the ideal accompaniment to this unit, however, Orange has produced the PPC108 cabinet. A robust unit, this cabinet is constructed in exactly same manner as its bigger brothers, with the famous orange tolex, and woven grill cloth. In use with the Micro, the single 8” speaker at its heart delivers powerful, focused tone.

Though around the same size as a practice amp, this is a powerful wee beast, with a classic Orange roar to boot. There’s plenty of British crunch here. When hooked up to a bigger cabinet, the Micro Terror is even more surprising. Though only 1-watt, this little amp kicks out an astonishing noise. Impressive indeed…

Orange Micro Terror review


When testing the Micro Terror, Orange’s prestigious heritage shines through- this is a truly astonishing little amp. Classic Brit tones, way more power than you’d expect, and those great looks, too. You can even use it with headphones. There’s also the price- at less that £100 currently, you’d be pressed to find a fault here. Highly recommended.

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