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Yamaha’s Latest Piano For Beginners…

Yamaha’s Latest Piano For Beginners…

Piano For Beginners - The Yamaha P-105 (stand optional)

The new Yamaha P-105 may well be the perfect digital piano for beginners…

The Yamaha P-105 is a new addition to one of Yamaha’s most popular piano ranges, and it might prove to be the ideal stage piano for beginners. The P-series has provided a wide selection of highly regarded stage pianos for many years, with models such as the P-95 delivering exceptional performance at an incredible price and proving to be insanely popular as a result.

The latest model builds on the key strengths of this model, and packs in even more features and functionality.

Yamaha P-105 Black

Compact, portable piano with stunning sounds and pianist styles

The Yamaha P-105 is visually very similar to the P-95. This is no bad thing, as the unfussy, uncomplicated, slim-line design and low weight of this piano was undoubtedly very appealing. A small selection of high quality sounds (14 in total) is featured, accessible easily from the control panel.

The sounds are now powered by Yamaha’s Pure CF sound engine, however, which has never before been featured on a P-series piano. This means that the grand piano sound featured was recorded from a stunning Yamaha CFIIS acoustic grand. The speakers have also been upgraded over those of the P95 to ensure that the sounds are translated perfectly.

Yamaha P-105 Silver (stand optional)

Two of the biggest new features of the P-105, which makes it ideally suited to being a piano for beginners, are the onboard rhythms and pianist styles. The 10 onboard rhythm styles mean that you can select an appropriate drum pattern and play along with it, rather that playing along with a metronome.

Yamaha P-105 Black

Pianist styles offers 10 different styles, and allows the player to simply hold the chords with the left hand, and have the piano create an appropriate accompaniment. In addition, a different sound can be set for the left and right hand of the keyboard.

To ensure that Yamaha P-105 plays as authentically as it sounds, it is equipped with a GHS graded hammer action keyboard, meaning that it feels just like an acoustic piano to play.

Here’s a summary of the Yamaha P-105 ‘s key features:

  • High quality sounds – 14 onboard sounds, powered by the CF sound engine
  • Stunning grand piano sound – sampled from Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano
  • Onboard rhythms – 10 styles, to make practicing to set tempos far more enjoyable
  • Pianist styles – turn a simple chord shape into an appropriate accompaniment, in 10 different styles
  • 88-note weighted keyboard – full-size, GHS weighted hammer action, for authentic playing feel
  • The Perfect authentic sounding, and playing piano for beginners

The Yamaha P-105 has a set of features that make it an ideal, portable piano, for gigging, setting up in a room at student halls, and as mentioned, as a great piano for beginners. It is available in black and silver finishes, though currently, we have just the black in stock- silver arriving soon… An optional stand is also available.

To order, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), or order online today.

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