Two Pioneer DJ wireless controllers at a similar price and (seemingly) similar spec - here's a guide to the differences you need to know about.

Since the range of Pioneer DJ wireless controllers expanded with the R1, there’s been a bit of confusion – here’s a video comparison to clarify

In the rapidly evolving world of DJ tech, Pioneer DJ wireless controllers are right at the cutting edge. This development has the potential to truly revolutionise the way in which DJs work.

Kicking off its range with the XDJ-AERO, then following it with the CDJ-2000nexus, and DJM-900nexus, it was clear the wireless technology was number 1 priority for Pioneer DJ’s R & D.

Recently, Pioneer DJ added to its range with the XDJ-R1. With a price of just £849, and with CD players and new RemoteBox functionality, its closeness in price to the XDJ-AERO has caused a bit of confusion with regard to the differences between the two.

Thankfully, Pioneer DJ has produced a video to clarify things, and the differences are far greater than you might think…

Pioneer Wireless Controllers Comparison - Pioneer XDJ-R1

Send Tracks Wirelessly, Or Control Your Rig Wirelessly

In this video comparison of the two Pioneer DJ wireless controllers, it becomes clear that they are very different products.

The R1 is billed as the complete all-in-one controller. It is the only device to use RemoteBox, and can have every aspect of its operation controlled wirelessly as a result. It can also trigger samples, or employ CDJ-style beat cutting via an iPad or iPhone.

Of course, it also features CD players, with the ability to play tracks via USB storage devices, and be used as a MIDI controller via USB, too.

Pioneer Wireless Controllers Comparison - XDJ-Aero

The XDJ-AERO is pitched as a device for ‘hi-tech house parties’. Unlike the R1, tracks can be sent to the AERO wirelessly via the Rekordbox app, from up to four different devices.

Whilst it cannot be fully controlled wirelessly, like the R1, it has the advantage of being able to play tracks directly from a connected computer, without having to export to USB, and the ability record your mix directly to a USB stick.

Pioneer Wireless Controllers Comparison - XDJ-Aero

Both units are excellent examples of this cutting edge technology, but with slightly different DJs and uses in mind. You can watch the video below…

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