PRS Guitars 2020 models have landed and oh my, how sweet they are! Is it possible to fall in love with a guitar at first sight?

Some familiar faces that feature updated appointments aplenty…

We’re not going to waste any time here, let’s dive straight into the sublime PRS Guitars’ 2020 range and see what’s on offer.

1. PRS 2020 SE 35th Anniversary Custom 24

To celebrate 35 years of guitar building excellence, PRS release the heavenly PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24, limited to a run of just 3500 models.

Inheriting features honed and perfected over the years, PRS endow this model with a pair of PRS SE TCI “S” and Bass pickups, which deliver exceptional warmth and feature two mini-toggle switches that allow either or both pickups to be used in humbucking or true single-coil mode. The depth of clarity and richness of tone from these vintage-inspired pups can’t be overstated, giving you incredible tonal range to play with.

As one might expect the build quality and finish are exemplary. A mahogany body is paired with a carved maple top with flame maple veneer completed in a captivating Black Gold Burst finish. The inviting wide-thin profile of the maple neck coupled with the sublime 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with “Old School” abalone bird inlays is the stuff of dreams.

2. PRS 2020 SE Mark Holcomb SVN

The highly successful PRS/Holcomb partnership continues with the sleek PRS 2020 SE Mark Holcomb Signature SVN seven string. Boasting the same slender and comfortable to play double-cutaway body built from a partnership of mahogany back paired with maple top. the 2020 model comes in a choice of finishes: Holcomb Burst with quilted maple veneer (above) and Walnut Satin with walnut veneer.

Holcomb’s signature Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pickups deliver thunderous tones. For those wanting to recreate the Periphery/Haunted Shores guitarist’s riffs straight out of the box, the SVN is the perfect choice.

3. PRS 2020 SE Starla Stoptail

The PRS 2020 SE Starla Stoptail is a retro-inspired departure from the PRS norm. The all-mahogany body is home to a solid stoptail bridge and paired with the DS-02 treble and bass pickups you’re assured a girthy midrange energy. However, when you need that old-school bite and snarl, they are more than happy to oblige. Available in Antique White or Frost Green Metallic finishes, you’re not short on charm with Starla.

4. PRS 2020 SE Mira

The PRS 2020 SE Mira is a double-cutaway with clean lines and curves in all the right places. With bevelled edges and a deeper rout on the cutaway toward the higher frets, your fretting hand is afforded the run of the neck in its entirety.

The robust all-mahogany body establishes a solid feel in the hands, whilst the 85/15 “S” pickups ring out with sweet vintage chime. Give them a nudge in the right direction – we’re talking overdrive – and they’ll duly oblige by acknowledging proceedings with a hearty mid-range punch.

The adjustable stoptail bridge can be set to suit your desires, whilst the PRS Designed tuning machines keep everything tuned up and intact. Is the Mira a workhorse? You bet your sweet face she is. As well as that gorgeous Frost Blue finish (above), she also comes in Black.

5. PRS 2020 SE Hollowbody Standard

The PRS 2020 SE Hollowbody Standard gives us those warm and fuzzy feels. Those double F-holes and sweeping curves of the all-mahogany body make us swoon. The mahogany neck shaped to the inviting PRS wide-fat profile partnered with ebony fingerboard allows your fingers to glide through riffs and licks like a champ.

There are 58/15 “S” pickups, which elevate the rich timbre produced by the hollowbody to the heavens. Between the throaty character of the neck pickup to the ice shattering clarity of the bridge, you can easily shift around using the 3-way toggle switch, volume and tone controls until you find your ‘sweet spot’.

There’s nothing quite like taking to the stage with this graceful beauty, strutting your stuff without feeling like you’re carrying a heavy load. Mind you, sitting on the couch at home and playing through a few licks isn’t bad either.

As well as that beautiful McCarty Tobacco Sunburst (above) you can also find this peach of a guitar in a striking Fire Red Burst.

6. PRS 2020 SE Hollowbody II

Now then, the PRS 2020 SE Hollowbody II borrows features from the Hollowbody Standard, and then adds a little something extra on top in the form of a bevelled maple top with flame maple veneer rather than an all-mahogany body design.

Sure, the differences might be subtle but we’re all different folks, we all have different tastes. Personally, I’d buy one of each guitar but then that’s just me (probably).

The model above is the Charcoal Burst rendition and you’ll find that there’s also a sweet, sweet, Tricolour Burst finish too.

7. PRS 2020 SE Custom 24

The PRS 2020 SE Custom 24 is based on the 1984 original – the one that started it all. As per that first model the body is crafted using a mahogany back with a maple top – a classic partnership we’re sure you’ll agree. The neck is built using maple, whilst the fingerboard is shaped from rosewood. Again, another classic partnership, adorned with the now iconic PRS Bird inlay pattern.

Making their home in the body are the 85/15S Bass and Treble pickups, which are designed to sing with all their might, just as you’d expect a Custom 24 to. The generous 25-inch scale length ensures masterful string tension for imperious intonation and – along with the pickups amongst other things -, enduring sustain.

The 2020 SE Custom 24 is available in Vintage Sunburst (above), Charcoal Burst, and a rather fetching Sapphire (check out the Custom 22 below).

8. PRS 2020 SE Custom 24 Left-Handed

The PRS 2020 SE Custom 24 Left-Handed offers the same sublime model for lefties. Rejoice! The left-handed model is available in Charcoal Burst (above) and Vintage Sunburst.

9. PRS 2020 SE Custom 24 Exotic Top Burled Ash

Take the one that started it all and make it even better? Hard to do, right? Well, we’d like to think that PRS pulled it off in style with the PRS 2020 SE Custom 24 Exotic Top with Burled Ash Veneer. Everything that the Custom 24 offers with added flair that gives it a visually breath-taking aesthetic. Available in Vintage Sunburst (above) and Whale Blue.

10. PRS 2020 SE Custom 22

For those who prefer a more vintage-inspired look and feel in their guitar, then the PRS 2020 SE Custom 22 is probably more up your street. As the name would suggest, rather than 24 frets you get 22. But it’s more than just a difference in fret count. Though the components, hardware and build quality may be the same, Custom 22 just has a different way about it. Enough from me anyway, Tom puts it across far better in the video below. Look at that Sapphire finish though. My word! <3

11. PRS 2020 SE 245 Standard

Personally, the PRS 2020 SE 245 Standard is an absolute dream machine. A no-nonsense, single-cutaway workhorse that will be with you every step of the way until the last gig. A sweet-sounding angel that can roar like a beast when you crank things up. A versatile enigma that can shift and sweep through musical styles like a sonic chameleon.

What’s not to love about this guitar? Choose from either the stunning Vintage Sunburst (above) or Charcoal Burst, and fulfil your rock destiny!

12. PRS 2020 SE 277 Standard Baritone

Last but by no means least is the excellent PRS 2020 SE277 Standard Baritone. For those who like their tones dripping with a broody undercurrent of stirring energy, then the 277 is for you. Equipped with a plate-style string-thru-body bridge, you can rest assured that once you’re tuned up and intonated, things will stay that way.

The longer 27.7-inch scale length accommodates those who prefer a heavier, thicker string gauge with which to perform more aggressive musical style. Yet, the 277 doesn’t feel cumbersome or unwieldy. Those who are used to a more standardised scale length measurement will find the guitar just as finger-friendly, with sleek double-cutaways and a wide-fat neck profile encouraging you to let rip.

You don’t need to be a metaller to appreciate the SE 277 either. Just what the Fusion Master himself sail through some hybrid licks with ease – he does a bit of metal riffage but after that he plays stuff that’ll make you weep.

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