Announcing the first PRS SE models with roasted maple neck and fingerboard partnerships, it's affordable luxury in a range of heavenly finishes.

PRS offer a sumptuous post-Easter treat

Delivering gorgeous guitars comes easy to the team at PRS, and their SE models share the same flair as their prestigious US-built models. However, even we’re taken aback by their first foray into PRS SE roasted maple necks and fingerboards. They’re quite simply breath-taking. These Custom 24 models are available in a choice of six eye-catching finishes that include Fire Red, Grey Black, Purple Burst, Tobacco Sunburst, Trampas Green & Whale Blue. Sure, we’ve seen those finishes before, but there’s something undeniably cool about the pairing with the roasted maple neck/fingerboard partnership that is something else.

Building on history

PRS SE Limited Edition Custom 24 Roasted Maple

Taking its cue from the original 1984 model that kicked things off for Paul Reed Smith, the Custom 24 adheres fastidiously to the same shapely curves that have won over some many for decades. Built using mahogany, the body boasts a relatively light feel in the hands, whilst the quilt maple veneer top ensures that each stunning finish shines beautifully.

Moving things forward

PRS SE Limited Edition Custom 24 Roasted Maple

Moving onto the neck and fingerboard, the maple is torrefied, which means that it has been roasted (hence the name) to drive off all moisture and impurities. Torrefaction isn’t a new process – the Vikings pioneered its application in the building of their long ships -, but it is a tried and tested method of ensuring consistency and strength, as well as making the wood lighter.

Applying PRS’ sought after wide thin profile, the Custom 24 neck and fingerboard guarantees a thoroughly enjoyable playing experience from 1st to 24th fret. Thanks to the big scoop of the lower bout on the body the highest frets can be reached with the greatest of ease. PRS’ unique Bird position inlays guide your way along the fingerboard in elegant fashion.

Simple setup, versatile options

PRS SE Limited Edition Custom 24 Roasted Maple

At the heart of the limited edition PRS SE Custom 24 roasted maple models there’s a pair of PRS 85/15 ‘S’ pickups, which offer a vibrant tonal character to play with. Boasting push/pull tone control each pickup can be coil-tapped to expand your tonal palette with minimal effort. From chunkier humbucking tones to an accentuated high-end edginess, you can segue through musical styles with graceful dexterity. Whether you’re mixing things up in the studio or keeping it straight and to the point on the stage, the Custom 24 will duly oblige.

Good to go

PRS SE Limited Edition Custom 24 Roasted Maple

Packing a PRS patented tremolo, you can dive and wail with abandon through the most demanding of sets in style. Working with the PRS-designed tuning machines, intonation and sustain remains intact no matter how enthusiastically you attack the strings. As if all that wasn’t enough, PRS kindly include a PRS SE gigbag with every model to encourage you to get out and show off that beauty to your adoring fans!

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