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Dawsons Music & Sound: Return To Stores Promise

Dawsons Music & Sound: Return To Stores Promise

Welcome Back!

What a year it's been, not only for music but for the entire world. And for many of us it's felt like everything came to a complete standstill and we had to push pause on everything that made the world musical.

We've missed you, we've missed the buzz, the vibe, the excitement and the electricity of it all! We've missed that feeling of helping others begin their journey into the wonderful world of songs, rhythms, and riffs; we've missed creating experiences with you.


As the world looked to the future over the past 16 months, it gave us a fantastic opportunity to reflect on how we can make our store experience safer, respectful and comfortable for all our staff and customers alike. That's why we've devised a brand new customer charter, as we pledge our promises to you to ensure a safe and enjoyable, and most importantly a musical return to the High Street as we embark on the next chapter of our journey together!

Our Promises To You

1. We will wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable. Just let us know when we are serving you and we will put a mask on.

2. We will continue to stand 1m away from you, we want you to feel safe, and respect your personal space!

3. We will continue to clean all instruments when they have been tested, your safety is of utmost importance to us.

4. We will continue to provide hand sanitiser at store entrances, which we encourage you to use to keep everyone safe.

5. We will continue to follow all government guidelines to the letter.


Carrying Our Values Into The Future

Andrew M. Oliver, Managing Director at Dawsons Music & Sound commented “Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we’re proud to stand behind our Customer Charter, ensuring each person who walks through our doors will feel safe and considered.”  

With large, city-centre stores in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester, Belfast, Leeds and Reading; accessibility and convenience are at the heart of the operation. Dawsons Music & Sound promise to gift customers the confidence and trust to boldly stride back onto the High Street and drive its vision into the future. Customers are educated and encouraged to try products before they buy, as well as stores establishing a commitment to rejuvenating High Street culture, developing their place in the community as safe forums for musicians to enjoy a compelling lifestyle experience in comfort. 

We politely request that you join us in acting responsibly, to ensure the collective wellbeing of our customers and staff.