Rode NT2-A Condenser Mic

Rode Mic founder, Peter Freedman, leads a video tour of the Rode Factory, showing why Rode produce some of the World’s best condenser mics

The Rode Microphone Company, based in Sydney, Australia, was, perhaps, the first company to produce high quality condenser microphones that didn’t cost the Earth, and yet were still among the best condenser mics available. They did this by employing cutting edge manufacturing technology, ensuring that they could be produced in high numbers, at a drastically reduced cost, but without sacrificing quality. Many years have passed since the first mic rolled off the production line in early 1990s, but what has changed since then?

Rode K2 Tube Condenser Mic

Astonishing Build Quality and 10-Year Warranty!

Since Rode began to produce some of the best condenser microphones available at affordable prices, many other companies have appeared, also producing inexpensive condenser mics. There are some very significant differences, however, between Rode mics, and most of these other companies. Not least of these differences is the warranty policy. Some of Rode’s competitors offer extended, two, or three-year manufacturer’s warranties. Rode, on the other hand, offer an unprecedented 10 Year warranty! ‘How can they afford to do this?’ you may ask. Well, that brings me nicely onto the second major difference…

Cutting edge manufacturing processes

A great many of Rode’s competitors’ products are manufactured in OEM factories in the Far East, whereas, to this day, most of Rode’s production is done at their Sydney based factory. This is achieved by employing cutting edge technology, to enable the pinnacle of quality without an excess of labour. But does it work? When you hold a Rode mic, it has a build quality comparable to a microphone many times its cost, with a thick, non-resonant nickel casing enclosing precise, surface mount technology. It is at this point that you may understand how Rode can afford to give away a 10-Year warranty- it’s because it very rarely needs to be used!

Rode NT1-A Condenser MicRode are understandably very proud of their mics (and rightfully so- they’re among the best condenser mic manufacturers). And so, founder Peter Freedman has produced a video touring the Rode Factory, and providing an insight into how they manage to produce mics of such quality at such low prices. If you have even a passing interest in microphones, it’s well worth watching.

You may have gathered that we’re big fans of Rode mics here at Dawsons. The Rode NT1-A and Rode NT2-A are among our best selling condenser mics. If you wish to know more, or want to see the legendary Rode build quality with your own eyes, pop into one of our stores or call our customer service team (01925 582420). In the meantime, let you mind be blown by the level of technology employed to create a mic that costs just £169 (Rode NT1-A recording pack).

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The RØDE Difference from RØDE Microphones on Vimeo.