Rode Microphone for iPhone or iPad

Equip your iPad or iPhone with a stereo Rode microphone

The Rode microphone range has always been incredibly impressive. The Australian mic brand was, arguably, the driving force behind the development of affordable condenser microphones, from its factory, just outside Sydney. With a factory floor packed with cutting edge technology, it pioneered the surface mount construction that has enabled it to build mics of incredible quality and consistency at astonishingly affordable prices.

Now, with the launch of the iXY, there’s a Rode microphone for your iPhone or iPad. And, as you might expect, it looks really rather special…


Near Coincident Stereo Capsules

The Rode iXY is based around a matched pair of ½” cardioid condenser mic capsules, which are arranged as a 90 degree, near-coincident pair. Rode condenser mics are renowned for the smooth, detailed and open response, and the iXY promises much the same, with the added benefit of providing a stereo picture, where required.

The unit connects to the iPad or iPhone via the standard Apple connector, and is powered via the same connection.


With a frequency response range of 20Hz-20kHz, and a dynamic range of 120dB SPL, the range of uses for this handy little Rode microphone are exhaustive. Perfect for recording gigs or rehearsals, interviews, meetings, sound design, and when mounted atop a camera (iPhone only, perhaps…!), providing excellent stereo audio for video recordings.


Rode is launching two recording apps for use with the iXY, aimed at provided ultimate ease of use and audio quality.