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Roland Audio Interfaces and Controllers – Windows 8 Compatible Already

Roland Audio Interfaces and Controllers – Windows 8 Compatible Already

Roland Audio Interfaces and Controllers - Windows 8 Drivers

A wide range of Roland Audio Interfaces and Controllers are compatible with Windows 8 already…

Upgrading to a new operating system can be nerve-wracking to say the least, for anyone making music with computers, but if you’re using Roland Audio Interfaces and Controllers, you may well enjoy a trouble-free transition… For those who are lucky enough not to have experienced the trauma associated with upgrading the OS in a studio, the scenario usually plays out like this…

Firstly, you install the update. Then, you spend hours or even days checking that all of you equipment (interfaces, controllers etc.) works. If not, then you spend hours trawling the net for new drivers. In the case of a really new operating system, this can sometimes mean that the drivers are not even available yet. This then poses a problem. Do you go back to the older OS, wait, or spend even more money on more equipment? None of these options are particularly appealing…

Roland UA-1010 Octacapture

Users of Windows 8, and Roland Audio Interfaces and Controllers may rejoice, however. In contradiction to this (rather depressing) problem, compatible Windows 8 drivers for a range of Roland interfaces and controllers have been released on the day of the OS launch.

Upgrade your system with minimum downtime

Unlike some music technology brands, Roland develops its own drivers ‘in-house’. To do this, and provide the very best stability and performance (for which Roland is renowned), it has established very strong links with Microsoft. This has afforded them the information and development tools to create the drivers in advance of the launch, so that they are ready as soon as Windows 8 is. Efficient, eh?

Roland A-49 Black

The Roland audio interfaces, controllers and MIDI interface currently ‘ready to roll’ with Windows 8 are as follows:

The speed that these updates have been made available is unprecedented. No doubt, Windows 8 drivers for more Roland Audio Interfaces and other devices will be available shortly.

Roland UA-33 Tri-Capture

If you have any questions about any of the Roland products listed above, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420). Alternatively, you can order online today, by following the links in the list and through the images above. Drivers are available from the Roland website.

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