The Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller sets the bar in offering everything a pro could want without breaking the bank.

The brains behind the beats…

The life of a DJ isn’t always as glamourous as it seems. Sure, you’ll find plenty of Instagram feeds filled with those crushing it in the Balearics, and elsewhere. But most have to do the grunt work themselves, often organising equipment for both lighting and sound, organising events and keeping the party going single-handedly. To make life a whole lot simpler we’d like to introduce the Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller, which is an absolute beast of a DJ controller with built-in live sound console and loudspeaker management system. Whenever and wherever you are, rest assured that you’re in safe hands with this beauty.

Bring in the (not so) big fella

Image of a Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller

As we’d expect, the DJ-707M utilises the awesome power of Roland’s digital audio consoles for premium digital signal processing. From personal PA setups to in-house systems at the venue and small to large gigs, the DJ-707M is host to a range of advanced features that ensure nothing goes awry mid-performance.

Scene Presets

This very useful features enable you to create ‘go-to’ event settings, which covers audio routing, loudspeaker management and system setups. Essentially, you can get all your ducks in a row before you even get to the gig. When you arrive at the venue simply recall the scene that you want and you’re good to go. Whether or not it’s a venue you play on the regular it saves time and effort. No muss, no fuss.

Loudspeaker Management in Triplicate

Image of a Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller

You’ll find that the Roland DJ-707M boasts independent loudspeaker management settings for Master, Booth, and Zone outputs. What does this mean? This means that you have four-band EQ controls, multiband compression, limiter, and mono mode for each output, effectively offering up three speaker management processors in a single-convenient unit. Not too shabby at all.


A must-have on any piece of DJing equipment and the DJ-707M doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find built-in feedback suppression, which isn’t only reactive but also anticipates feedback and makes appropriate speaker output adjustments before it happens. From all important announcements to banging out some dancefloor classics without piercing eardrums, every base is covered.

Convenient USB Connectivity

Image of a Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller USB Inputs

Need to hook up two computers simultaneously or execute a DJ changeover without any hiccups? Not a problem thanks to dual USB ports. Not only that but the USB B port also works as a standard USB audio interface and cuts out the need for a middleman, streamlining your setup beautifully.

Get others involved

It isn’t all just about the DJ with the DJ-707M. Thanks to the front-facing dual 1/4-inch jacks or 1/8-inch stereo aux input, you can slide guest musicians or performers into any set with ease.

Zone Output

When it comes to events such as weddings, birthday parties, etc., then the Zone Output comes into its own if you need a separate mix for the videographer. Alternatively, it is ace for sending different music to a separate area of the venue – breakout room/chillout room -, or if you want to get a nice, juicy subwoofer involved.

Practically perfect in every way

Roland’s mighty workmanship is ever present to give the DJ-707M solid, road-ready chassis that is built to last. Whether you’re going it alone or integrating the unit into a larger system comprising turntables and media players, you can slot the DJ-707M in between them without any fuss. Also, it is DVS ready making it ideal as the DJ mixer centrepiece within any component setup.

No Need to Pass the Mic

Image of a Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller

We don’t mean that you should be selfish, what we’re saying is that as well as boasting mic inputs the front-facing aux inputs can be used as mic inputs too. Therefore, you’re pretty much covered when it comes to accommodating a live MC (that is unless Wu Tang show up in which case, you’ll need to find an alternative).

Mic controls come at you fast with individual on/off switches, three-band EQ, and effects controls to play with. Oh, and before we forget the studio-quality mic preamps feature independent gain, low-cut, and noise gate for good measure.

A DJ’s dream

Image of a Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller

Bells and whistles aside it, the DJ-707M needs to be up to scratch (pun intended) when it comes to performing – otherwise, what’s the point? Therefore, the Roland DJ-707M combines deep Serato DJ Pro integration to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Trigger hot cues, loops, rolls, tinker with pitch, use slicer controls and so much more to your heart’s content. The purpose is to make sure that the setup is as adaptable and dynamic as you are. Along with Serato DJ Pro you’ll find iZotope audio effects that allow you to heavily stylize your sound effortlessly, adding another dimension to your performance.

Pro-level features include a fully adjustable Crossfader, which allows you to adjust the curve settings so that it responds to your exacting standards as you perform. Whether you’re beatmatching like a pro or scratching like a DMC Champion, attenuate the ‘feel’ of the crossfader to suit you!

Going deeper…

Lifestyle Image of a Roland DJ-707M

The Filter/FX knob on each channel boasts the ability to assign Roland’s impeccable hardware effects such as Filter, Dub Echo, Jet, Noise, Reverb, Delay, Bit Crush, Phaser, and Noise 2. As if that wasn’t enough, on deck 3 you’ll find classic TR-808 and -909 drum loops to inject some sweet beats into the mix. Deck 4 can even be set to OSC to allow you to drop sweepers, synth stabs, and other onboard DJ sound effects to put the icing on the cake of any mix.

Order yours now

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