The Roland HPi range of Pianos gains another elegant, great sounding and educational model

The Roland HPi range of digital pianos is one that stands apart from any other available. Combining Roland’s excellent piano sound generation technology, and key action, with an onboard screen, which provides tuition and practice exercises, these pianos really are a perfect instrument for a family home.

Now, a new model has been unveiled in the form of the HPi-50.

DigiScore system displays music, and plays games

Roland Hpi Range - HPi-50

At the heart of all of the Roland HPi piano models is the DigiScore system. This is based around a large screen on the music rest (1280 x 800 in the case of the HPi-50), which is designed to display the music to be played.

The piano will follow the music as it is played, and even turn over the page when needed. There are 400 songs and classic piano exercises built-in to the piano, which can be added to via Standard MIDI files. In addition, there are also 50 rhythm accompaniments.

Roland Hpi Range - HPi-50

One of the most difficult aspects of learning to play is self-motivating (or often, motivating your young child) to practice. The HPi-50 makes dull practice a thing of the past. A series or DigiScore training programmes feature games, designed to improve playing skills whilst being a huge amount of fun.

For those who prefer to create their own music, the Roland HPi 50 features a full 16-track song recorder, meaning that you can record up to 16 different musical parts. Plus, with an additional USB memory stick, performances can be recorded as WAV audio files, to burn to CDs or play on digital audio players.

Roland HPi-50

The piano itself does not disappoint. The HPi-50 is loaded with 348 sounds, including piano sounds based on Roland’s flagship SuperNATURAL technology. This provides incredibly authentic piano sounds with natural dynamics, changing tone according to dynamics and realistic articulation.

The sounds are replicated through Roland’s Acoustic Projection speaker technology. This places different aspects of the sound in different areas of space, much like a real piano, so that the sound has the same sense of ‘size’ as a real acoustic piano.

Roland Hpi Range - HPi-50

A PHA III ivory touch piano keyboard action ensures that it plays with the same authentic feel as the other instruments in the Roland HPi range. A progressive damper pedal adds a final touch of authentic acoustic piano performance.