The Roland HPi range is packed with features to help you and your family learn how to play

The Roland HPi pianos combine the very best of its piano technology with some unique features to aid the learning and practicing process.

The biggest obstacle to learning how to play is that practicing is often rather dull. As a result, the temptation is to either not practice at all, or simply play the things that you would rather play. This is particularly common among young learners, though this is by no means exclusive to just them.

The HPi range circumvents this issue with onboard lessons, and practice aids that are fun, and seem almost like games. Practice has never been so enjoyable…

Roland HPi Range - HPi-7F Rosewood

DigiScore Technology

When switched off, the Roland HPi-7F and HPi-6F appear at first to be very similar to a typical digital piano (albeit a very elegantly styled model). When the power is turned on, a large screen at the centre of the music desk springs to life. From here, the pianos’ DigiScore technology delivers its suite of lesson and practice features, as well as providing an elegant means to load sheet music and have it displayed.

Roland HPi-7F Rosewood in our Online Store

The range of DigiScore features is huge. Visual lessons and finger exercises improve music reading and technical performance skills. A ‘Bouncing ball’ feature follows the music displayed on the screen, prompting the player to read and play the correct music at the correct time. For beginners, finger numbers can be displayed, along with other aids.

To make things even more fun for beginners, there are a number of built-in games that test your skills in more light-hearted way, and scores the player at the end. From ‘Pick a card’ games the ‘DoReMi’ music-reading course, the Roland HPi pianos provide a comprehensive selection of learning tools that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Roland HPi-6F Keyboard

Incredible, SuperNATURAL sounds and PHA III Keyboard

Excellent practice features are only part of the HPi-50E‘s strength, however. As previously mentioned, both instruments are based on the very latest of Roland’s piano technology, to ensure that when played simply as a piano, the performer enjoys one of the most authentic playing experiences available on any digital piano.

The sound generation is provided by Roland’s SuperNATURAL engine. This clever technology somehow avoids the audio flaws of other digital pianos. For example, many pianos are plagued by a ‘stepping’ effect. A piano sound is composed of many different recorded sounds (from an acoustic piano)- different notes are recorded at different dynamic levels, and played when the keys are pressed at the correct ‘hardness’. On other pianos, this can mean that it is very obvious when the sound switches from one to another. SuperNATURAL technology ensures that the transition between different volumes and notes is completely smooth and natural.

Roland HPi-6F Rosewood

An ivory-feel, Progressive Hammer Action keyboard (PHA II on the HPi-6F and PHA III on the HPi-7F) is equipped to each of the Roland HPi pianos. These provide truly authentic playing feel, to match the sound. The ivory touch stops fingers slipping. Notes get progressively lighter in weight as you move up the keyboard (just like an acoustic piano, and they even mimic escapement- the clicking sensation felt when keys are fully depressed, particularly when played very lightly.

Roland HPi-7F

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