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Roland Integra-7 – The Sound Module That Travels Through Space

Roland Integra-7 – The Sound Module That Travels Through Space

Roland Integra-7 Sound Module

The Roland Integra-7 ‘s motional surround feature offers unprecedented sound placement for a synth module

The Roland Integra-7 is product that demonstrates just why Roland sound modules have been the bedrock of pro productions for decades. In particular, its JV and XV series of modules were to be found almost without fail, and often in quantity, in working studios across the land. The JV-1080, and 2080 were the ‘go to’ well of sounds, providing enormous choice, vast editing options and all with glorious Roland quality.

Many of these are still used in studios. So how, you might ask, could the Roland Integra-7 push things forward? In short, it does it by offering, well, everything. The module is packed with the very best SuperNATURAL sounds from Roland’s flagship models. So, TD-30 kits sit alongside, HP series piano sounds, Jupiter series synthesizer sounds and more. In total, 5,000 sounds are loaded– all editable, and easy to use. It even includes all of the sounds from its predecessor, the XV-5080.

This then, is the new benchmark for synthesizer sound modules, and boy, has it set the bar high…

Roland Integra-7 Sound Module

Motional Surround with iPad control

One of the most interesting, and welcome features of the Roland Integra-7 is the Motional Surround function. This unique feature allows sounds to be virtually ‘placed’ within a 360-degree sound field. Sounds can be positioned anywhere, with ‘depth’ an editable parameter, alongside stereo width. Sounds can even be placed ‘behind’ the listener.

The Motion Surround feature of the Roland Integra-7 can be used in stereo mode with headphones, or via 5.1 surround systems. One of the neatest things about this, however, is the way it integrates with the Integra-7 iPad editor. As shown in the video below, sounds can be both visually, and sonically placed within a sound field easily.

The potential for this is huge. Film & videogame composers and sound designers are, perhaps, going to enjoy this feature more than most, however.

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