Roland Mobile AC Acoustic Guitar Amp

The new Roland Mobile AC provides a simple, portable means of amplifying your acoustic guitar…

The Roland Mobile AC acoustic guitar amp was revealed at the start of this month, extending Roland’s very highly regarded range of acoustic amplifiers. This model is positioned at the smaller end of its line-up, and is billed as ‘Your First Acoustic Guitar Amp’. Small enough to fit into a backpack, this dual speaker, stereo amplifier has enough features to make it an ideal amp for practice, impromptu performances and more.

Roland Mobile AC Acoustic Guitar Amp

Clear, powerful sound

The diminutive Roland Mobile AC measures a little over 11 inches across, and weighs just 2.5 kilos. Despite this very small size, it packs plenty of power and features into its tiny chassis. Based around two speakers and a five-watt amplifier (2 x 2.5 Watts), the Mobile AC promises to deliver a powerful stereo sound. And, if Roland’s other compact amplifiers are anything to go by, then we can safely assume that it will deliver on this promise admirably. Reverb and chorus effects add a final ‘sheen’ to the sound. Roland Mobile AC The controls aboard the Mobile AC are simple and intuitive. There is a separate volume control for guitar, microphone and audio input, with a tone control and reverb level control. Chorus is available via an on/off switch, whilst a ‘wide’ switch extends the stereo spread of the chorus. An onboard microphone input and MP3 input equip the Roland Mobile AC very well for use as a vocal amp, for performances with a backing track, or for practicing along to favourite tracks.

Roland Mobile AC - Batteries

Battery power option – up to 15 hours of use!

To further its ‘mobile’ credentials, the Roland Mobile AC can be powered via batteries. Six AA alkaline batteries should deliver up to 15 hours of usage. In addition, it can be powered via an optional AC adaptor. This portability, ease of use and features makes this an ideal amp for home practice, small gigs, busking, travel use or even as a stage monitor. Key feature summary:

  • Stereo five-watt acoustic guitar amplifier – 2 x 2.5 Watt
  • Microphone and MP3 inputs
  • Straightforward controls – Individual input volume controls
  • Onboard effects – Reverb and chorus
  • Battery powered or AC operation – six AA batteries can provide up to 15 hours operation
  • Ideal portable acoustic guitar amp – use in the home, for busking, small gigs, for travelling or even as a stage monitor.
  • Carry strap included