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Roland Portable V-Drums Announced

Roland Portable V-Drums Announced

Roland Portable V-Drums - The TD-4KP

A new Roland Portable V-Drums kit has been unveiled, providing one of the most practical drum kits ever…

With the kind of design that is so well realised that it makes you think ‘why has no-one done this before?’, Roland Portable V-Drums have been announced. The new TD-4KP V-Drums Portable combines the module from the TD-4 with new pads, and new frame, to create a truly portable digital drum-kit.

The number of musical situations that this could be used in, is huge…

TD-4KP Kit Folded

Folding frame design

As previously stated, at the heart of the TD-4KP is the TD-4 drum module. This features 25 editable drum kits constructed from 125 onboard sounds. In addition, it features an onboard drum-coach. This provides a set of warm-up and practice exercises that make productive practice a lot more fun.

Roland TD-4 Module

Where the Roland Portable V-Drums really differ from previous models is in the design of its frame. This all-new folding design has a compact footprint, with 5-piece pad arrangement. The kick drum-trigger has been very neatly mounted on to one of the legs of this frame, and is played with a regular kick pedal.

TD-4KP Kit Folded

The frame come into its own when collapsed, however. It folds inwards, with the extendible cymbal mounts sliding into the legs, resulting in a unit that measures 30cm x 50cm x 70cm. The Portable V-Drums weigh just 12.5 kg, meaning that they can be easily transported- an optional gig bag is also available.

The pads equipped to the TD-4KP are cushioned rubber types appear to be similar to those used on the HD range, but finished with contrasting white shells. Two 10” cymbal pads and an 8” hi-hat trigger complete the configuration.

Roland Portable V-Drums

The idea of a Portable V-Drums kit is one that seems unable to fail. Providing V-Drums sound quality and playability in a portable package could make this an ideal practice or rehearsal kit, or even a gigging kit for drummers with no transport (the holy grail!). With a TD-4 brain an Roland’s trademark build, it stands up as a quality drum-kit in its own right.

Order online here or for more information, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).

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