The Roland TD-11 V-Drum range is unveiled, now with supernatural technology

The Roland TD-11 range has been revealed, adding two new kits and a new module to the V-Drum range. These new kits incorporate technology previously reserved for the flagship Roland TD-30 kits, in the form of the SuperNATURAL sound technology, and behaviour modelling. The acclaimed coaching features of the TD-4 range are also included, but unlike the older kit, the TD-11 is equipped with internal songs and a song player capable of playing WAV/MP3 files. With a kit with full mesh heads (the Roland TD-11KV), and a more affordable kit with just a mesh snare pad (Roland TD-11K), this is an electronic kit with broad appeal.

SuperNATURAL Sound Engine

The Roland TD-11 is powered by the cutting edge SuperNATURAL sound technology. This sound engine is based on technology developed for Roland ‘s high-end digital pianos, and, as previously mentioned, was only available in the TD-30 drum kits until this point. Designed to recreate the subtle changes in nuance when sounds change in dynamics/ volume without the jarring effects of sample switching, the result is a set of drums that behave in a far more natural and smooth manner than any other electronic drum kit.

Roland TD-11K Drum Kit

This sound technology is backed by Roland ‘s Behaviour Modelling system. This is designed to respond to the performer, and replicate the changes in tone that would result from their performance in a natural and organic way, producing a set of drum sounds of unprecedented expressiveness.

The two versions of the Roland TD-11 provide two different trigger pad configurations, for different budgets. The cheaper of the two, the TD-11K, is equipped with a mesh snare pad, and rubber trigger pads, with dual trigger cymbals and hi-hat. The ‘bigger-brother’, the TD-11KV, is fully equipped with mesh headed pads, and comes complete with the CY-12C crash, and the three-way CY-13R ride trigger. In addition, the TD-11 module is available on its own, to upgrade an existing kit.

Here’s a summary of the Roland TD-11 ‘s key features:

  • SuperNATURAL Sound Technology – natural, dynamic and smoothly changing drum sounds
  • Behaviour Modelling – sensing technology allows for more dynamic and ‘organic’ performances
  • 50 Onboard kits – 25 presets and 25 user kits
  • Coach functions – onboard warm-up and training exercises
  • On board backing songs – professional recorded in a wide variety of styles
  • USB functionality – connect to a computer to use as a MIDI controller, or playback audio tracks via USB storage devices
  • Available in two versions – TD-11K (mesh snare) and TD-11KV (all mesh pads and higher spec cymbals)
  • Module also available to buy separately