Two Door Cinema Club’s Sam Halliday tears it up at Bench Melt! Festival with his new Farida guitar

If you’ve been following the blog posts here, you’ll already know that Two Door Cinema Club’s Sam Halliday is really rather taken with his new Artist Designed Farida JT-60 2DCC signature guitar. Two Door Cinema Club are winding up for the launch of their new album ‘Beacon’, playing a dizzying number of festivals across Europe. Sam’s first choice of guitar for these gigs has been his Farida, and it’s already aroused a huge amount of interest…

Sam Halliday - Bench Melt! Festival

Bench Sponsored Melt! Festival Performance

The latest video of a 2DCC festival performance  to emerge, featuring Sam Halliday and his new Farida, was the Melt! Festival in Ferropolis, Germany, sponsored by the UK’s very own iconic clothing brand, Bench. The band joined the line-up with Bloc Party, Rufus Wainwright, M83, Lana Del Ray, Benga, and countless other great acts.

The Farida that Sam Halliday is playing in the pictures, and video below, is the finished prototype for his forthcoming Artist Designed model. If you’ve missed previous bog posts, the Artist Designed range is a series of extremely limited run signature guitars that are designed collaboratively, the artist contributing their concept of a totally ‘no compromises’ perfect guitar, and the master luthiers at Farida making it a reality. This is scheduled to be the third model in this range. The previous models were the Frank Turner designed J-FT acoustic, and the Steve Rothery A-SR acoustic.

Sam Halliday Farida JT-60 2DCC

The Sam Halliday Artist Designed Farida is constructed to the same incredibly high standards as the acoustic models, and has some very unique features. Not least of these is a delay unit, which is built into the JT-60 2DCC ‘s lower horn, complete with controls. The guitar is a completely unique, asymmetrical body shape, which combined with its brilliant white finish, and single-ply black pick-guard, has already won many admiring glances.