Novation’s iOS armoury ‘grows up’ – sample import added to Launchpad app

Sample Import Added To Launchpad App

Novation and parent company Focusrite have been among the most active music tech brands in the world of iOS apps. Most recently, Novation released the Launchpad and Launchkey app, designed for use with the Launchkey controller.

Whilst the Launchkey app is a very neat synth, the Launchpad app is much like the Launchpad controller, with a grid of cells that can trigger pre-loaded samples and loops.

Hook it up to a real Launchpad or Launchpad Mini, and you can get ‘hands-on’ with the app, like Madeon, for example.

This has been limited to the samples that come with app and additional in-app purchased Launchpacks, however. Until now…

Buy Audio Import upgrade, and load your own samples

Sample Import Added To Launchpad App

Novation has clearly been listening to user feedback. It has expanded the sonic potential of the Launchpad app infinitely by adding an in-app upgrade that allows audio import.

What does this mean? Put simply, you can import WAV or AIFF format samples of your own choice. These can be professionally made samples and loops from libraries, your own tracks, or anything else, as long they are the correct sample format.

Aside from using this feature to jam, and create your own music, it also has a few other very useful applications that I can think of…

Sample Import Added To Launchpad App

If you’re in a band and have a few samples that are used in recorded tracks that you would like to include when you play live, this is a pretty inexpensive way of doing it (as long as you have the iPad already). Add a Launchpad Mini and you have an effective sample trigger unit.

You could use it as an easy way to create alternate arrangements of your tracks, or even remix them completely, in a very intuitive way.

You might even use it as a very simple way to DJ…. Hmmm….

Currently, the Launchpad app is free via the app store, and the upgrade is a mere £4.99. Adding one of Novation’s excellent ‘Launch’ series controllers really exploits the app’s potential however.

Order Novation’s iPad compatible Launch range online here, or for more information call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).