DJ Rasp and DJ Jim Reiss demonstrate the incredible scratch performance available from the most affordable Numark DJ gear

Affordable Numark DJ Gear - Numark Mixtrack Pro II

We were lucky enough to have some incredible DJ talent in-store at the recent DJ School UK open day in Huddersfield. Along with founder Jim Reiss, DMC champ and Numark endorsee, DJ Rasp came along to offer advice, and show off his inimitable skills.

Whilst the guys were in-store with plenty of nice DJ gear around, they took the opportunity to have a bit of a scratch jam. For the uninitiated, think of it a bit like any other musical jam, except with DJs riffing off each other’s scratches and cuts.

To see two such talented DJ’s playing in this way was a real treat. Even better, the session was captured on video for your viewing pleasure.

It’s pretty remarkable stuff- but most remarkable of all is the gear they chose to perform it on: a Numark Mixtrack Pro II controller, and a Numark iDJ Pro. Collectively, these two controllers cost less than £500!

Incredible power and flexibility at affordable prices

Affordable Numark DJ Gear - Mixtrack Pro II
The original Mixtrack Pro may well be the most popular DJ controller ever made. The MkII version, used by DJ Rasp (left) in this video builds on the considerable strengths of the original.

Affordable Numark DJ Gear - Mixtrack Pro II

This DJ controller provides a USB-based, twin platter design, with built-in audio interface. It comes complete with Serato DJ Intro software, which provides all of the essential tools for creating pro mixes, and learning how to mix and scratch.

Affordable Numark DJ Gear - Numark Mixtrack Pro II

The MkII version adds trigger pads for jumping to hot-cue points, dropping samples and more. Plus, the new design is slimmer, with robust new low-profile platters. Just add a computer to the Mixtrack Pro, some headphones and some music, and you’re ready to go.

The price? Currently less than £180. Ludicrous…

iDJ Live II

The iDJ range, as demonstrated by DJ Jim Reiss, focuses on providing pro DJ control for iPad and iPhone. These controllers start at just £79.99.

You can order the latest Mixtrack Pro online, and find the iDJ controllers here. If you would like more information, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).

Of course, it isn’t quite as easy as the guys make it look. Thankfully, Jim runs DJ School UK in Leeds. If you have ambitions of being able to scratch like him, take a look at the courses on offer here.

Many thanks to DJ Rasp and DJ Jim Reiss for their performance.