Budget friendly Secret Santa ideas for the musician in your office

When it comes to music gifts it can be difficult at the best of times. But, it’s that time of year… Christmas parties are being booked, the festive flavours at your favourite coffee chain are being rolled out and the dreaded Secret Santa is being drawn up in the office. But what’s that? There’s a musician in the room and you’ve just pulled their name out of a hat.

You start to think, what the heck can I get this person for Christmas? The pressure is on to get them something they’re actually going to like. Besides, you don’t want to be that person who gets someone a rubbish present for Secret Santa. The shame!

But don’t fret (ahem) we’ve got you covered. So, here’s some Secret Santa ideas for musicians that they’ll actually use and appreciate.

1. Ernie Ball Slinky Drink Coasters

So you’ve found out that Stephanie from IT plays guitar. There’s the difficult part out of the way, because now you’ve opened up a world of Secret Santa ideas. It’s highly unlikely that a guitarist has never used a set of Ernie Ball strings, they’re ubiquitous in the music world as much as tea and coffee is in the office environment. So combine the two and you get the Ernie Ball Slinky Drink Coasters! A great little gift that looks cool and will save the desk from hot drink spills. Plus, there’s some budget left over for a set of strings too. We’d go with a set of regular slinky’s.

2. FZone Straplocks for Electric Guitar/Bass in Gold

You don’t have to splash out on expensive clobber to ensure that your strap is secure and the delightful aesthetic of your instrument remains intact – as proven by the superb FZone Straplocks in Gold. Easy to fit, as touch as they come and easy on the eye too, what’s not to like?

3. Armourdillo Drum Stick Bag

Here’s a tidy Secret Santa idea for drummers, the Armourdillo Drum Stick Bag. Every drummer needs somewhere to store their sticks, and every drummer will need at least 1 back up stick bag as they tend to get battered over time. This is a low cost option that is also extremely useful, so it’s a great idea.

4. Moongel Damper Pad

Last one for the drummers. Moongel Damper Pad is an extremely useful piece of kit (seriously, these puns are too easy) that all drummers will appreciate, so you’re definitely not going to disappoint with this one. As far as Secret Santa ideas for musicians, this is up there with one of the most useful options as it’s used by drummers of all levels to eliminate any unwanted resonance and basically make the kit sound a lot nicer. This is a great “Cymbal” that you’ve been paying attention too. It’s Christmas, we’re allowed to make all the puns we want.

5. Aroma Adjustable Hand Exerciser

Whatever instrument you play there’s a good chance that grip strength, finger independence, and dexterity will all be high on the agenda – that’s where the Aroma AHF-05 Adjustable Hand Exerciser comes in. Exercising and developing stamina in the fingers, hand, and forearms will aid your playing no end, and this is the ideal conditioning tool not just for musicians but also martial artists and athletes (trust us). Whether you’re warming up before a show or simply keeping yourself in the game on the road, grab one of these, set the tension to your heart’s (or should that be hand’s) desire, and get busy.

6. Aroma AM-702 Clip-On Digital Metronome

Chances are that you or your Secret Santa has got that metronome app on your/their phone, but there’s something to be said about having a specific tool for a specific job. Put it this way, if you’re reaching for your Aroma AM-702 Clip-On Digital Metronome it’s unlikely that you’ll get distracted by apps, messages or phone calls. You can tuck yourself away from outside interference and simply get on with perfecting your skills.

Ultra-long battery life, easy to read display, about as portable as anything could be, and clips onto the headstock of virtually any stringed instrument. Happy days!

7. Fender Musician Series Ear Plugs

Every musician needs a set of earplugs, especially if they play live as noise induced hearing loss is one of the most common forms of hearing loss and can be caused by excessive exposure to loud music – say a drum kit, PA or guitar amplifier. In addition, if your secret Santa person likes going to gigs they’re potentially damaging their hearing every time. These Fender Musician Ear Plugs will reduce the sound levels by a whopping 22dB making noise levels that much safer. All musicians and music lovers should have a pair of these. A great secret Santa idea for the musician.

8. Aroma AT-01A Clip-On Guitar Tuner

We’ve already gone into why separation from apps and phones can be good for practise, and why having the right tool for the job can make things easier. The Aroma AT-01A Clip-On Guitar Tuner allows you to keep on top of things anywhere and everywhere – tuning-wise that is. The twistable head ensures that you get the best viewing angle at all times and the super-bright display makes it easy to read on the darkest of stages. Pocket-sized and powerful, what more could you want?

9. Wster Bluetooth Microphone with Party Lights

Admittedly, this one could go down either way and be a bit chalk and cheese. Having said that, we cracked it out in the office and it has been a laugh finding out how tone deaf we all are.

We present to you the Wster Bluetooth Microphone with Party Lights, the culmination of over 200,000 years of human civilization. Since modern humans have been able to grunt amelodically to defining music theory through X Factor and finally on to me bursting eardrums as I hammer through “If It Makes You Happy”, being heard in all our wondrous glory is a must.

The mic is rechargeable via USB and you can wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or other Bluetooth device. There are effects to add delay and alter the pitch of your voice. You can even insert headphones if you want to polish your skills before showcasing them to your adoring fans.

*Amazing vocal performances are not guaranteed.

10. Vouchers, Vouchers, Vouchers!

Well, if all else fails and you have absolutely no idea what instrument Sarah from HR plays, then you could always go with a Dawsons £10 gift voucher. It’s a safe option as the person can choose exactly what they want or can put it towards their new mixer or Gibson Les Paul – either way your Secret Santa isn’t going to be terrible.

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