Sound Collective: Novation Keeping It Fresh

Sound Collective: Novation Keeping It Fresh

24th Jun 2020 @ 12:52 | Jon Whittaker

Give your set-up a bi-monthly boost for nowt but a few clicks...

We've already expressed our gratitude to the generosity of the team at Focusrite and their superb Plug-in Collective offerings...<3 Now we're turning our attention Novation's Sound Collective, where every two months, those who've purchased Novation gear (and registered it, of course) are graced with exclusive software to give their creative arsenal a much-needed boost.

Sound Collective: The Good, The Better, and The Great...

There's no bad or ugly here, only good vibes and positive energy. Novation's Sound Collective offers a means of testing the waters (so to speak) with audio software you might have otherwise had your eye on or may not even have considered trying.

Novation appreciates that the joy of making music is a journey that peaks and troughs much like those signal waveforms we all know and love. Making the journey that little bit smoother or more interesting if you'd prefer, becoming a member of Sound Collective entitles you to free versions of innovative software instruments and creative FX from leading developers from around the world.

What's on offer at the moment then?

Get registered via your Novation user account and between 6th February - 2nd April 2020 you can download Serato Sample LE from your Novation account.

What is Serato Sample LE?

In a nutshell, Serato Sample LE is geared towards performers and enables slicing, rearranging, and manipulation of samples in real-time. As you import the track, Sample LE immediately detects the key and tempo of your sample whether it's a break, short loop or full track, as if by magic. Then the fun begins as you change each independently using Serato's legendary Pitch 'n' Time time-stretching/pitch-shifting algorithm.

From there you can define up to eight cues within the sample itself, which can then be manually assigned to eight pads in the GUI for on-the-fly triggering with your MIDI or QWERTY keyboard. On the other hand, use the Autoset function to have the plug-in ‘intelligently’ insert cue points for you, or switch to Keyboard Mode to map a single cue across all eight pads for monophonic or polyphonic pitched play.

Cue playback can be processed by a plethora of editing controls including defining cue length from one-shot to gated playback, use Attack and Release parameters to shape its timing and dynamics, and dial in up to two octaves of pitch-shift and/or +300/-75% time-stretch.

Reasons to love Serato Sample LE

If you're a musician, producer, or just like to push the limits of creativity then you're going to fall hard for Serato Sample LE. ’Extract’ a drum kit from a full track by assigning cues to the kick, snare and hi-hat hits within it; map a single bass note or guitar lick across the keyboard and play new melodies with it; chop up a vocal for custom edits; or rearrange a loop in its entirety, live.

Sample LE’s quick, easy workflow brings the spirit of old-school groovebox-style sampling to the modern DAW, and with Pitch ’n’ Time under the hood, the quality of its time-stretching and pitch-shifting is second to none.

In short, the possibilities are endless.

Liked SE but craving a bit more?

If you want to have your cake and eat it too, you can claim a 30% discount on the full Sample, which adds 24 more cue pads, three additional Autoset modes, Velocity toggling, filtering, cue Reverse and volume control, multiple outputs and unrestricted BPM adjustment.

Check out Novation at Dawsons Music

If you haven't already - not that we're judging but, why not? - check out our selection of Novation gear at the Dawsons Music website. From portable controllers with keys and pads galore to ground-breaking polyphonic synthesizers, these guys do not mess about. Yours truly has a piece of Novation gear in my home set-up. Legit!

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