Multitrack Downloads- ScreenshotLeading Sound Engineering and Production magazine Sound on Sound, are offering free downloads of multitrack recordings for mixing Practice…

When training to be a mix engineer, it can be very difficult to get worthwhile practice, as multitrack downloads (i.e. the individual audio track recordings, which are used to create the finished mix) are scarce or of dubious quality. It is vital for any aspiring engineer to get experience and practice of mixing, but the value of mixing with substandard recordings is limited. In an ideal situation, an engineer should gain as much experience of mixing in as many different musical genres as possible. This, however, is not easy… until, now.

Sound on Sound Magazine LogoLeading sound engineering and music production magazine, Sound on Sound, has offered Multitrack downloads, available to anyone looking for some quality material with which to hone their mixing skills. These files are in WAV format, and so will be compatible with all major DAW recording packages (e.g. Cubase 6, Logic Studio, Sonar, Reason). In addition these multitrack files cover a huge range of genres, from folk and electronica, to death metal.

Whether you’re studying sound engineering, or would simply like some extra mix practice with some high quality recordings, these multitrack downloads represent a great opportunity. It must be stated, however, that these are only available for practice, and not for any commercial purposes without the permission of the copyright holder. More information can be found on Sound on Sound ‘s website.