Steinberg Cubasis

Steinberg Cubasis provides an incarnation of the legendary recording package for Apple iPad hardware

Steinberg Cubasis was the first experience of computer-based recording for countless aspiring producers, engineers and composers. Back in the old days (*sits back and lights pipe…*), Cubasis was the entry-level version of Steinberg’s all-conquering recording package, Cubase.

It offered a scaled down version of the Cubase DAW at a more affordable price. Whilst it lost some of the high-end functionality of its big brother, it was still a surprisingly capable package.

Now, Steinberg Cubasis has been launched for iPad, and it looks like it’s picked up some added muscle since it last showed its face…

Steinberg Cubasis

Cubase for iPad?

The idea of a full version of Cubase for iPad is one that will no doubt appeal to many Steinberg devotees. So, does this new app deliver this? Well, not quite. However, it does offer an impressive range of features, making it a pretty serious package for those looking to use Apple’s platform.

One of the most impressive features of Steinberg Cubasis for iPad is the ability to record unlimited audio and MIDI tracks (within the limits of the iPad used). Combined with support for Core Audio and Core MIDI devices (meaning that there are plenty of audio interfaces and MIDI controllers that can be used with it), this immediately makes the package a fairly serious recording proposition. Hook it up with, say, Focusrite’s iTrack interface and a MIDI keyboard and you have an ultra compact recording setup.

Focusrite iTrack Solo - iPad

To make entering musical parts easier, though, it features a virtual keyboard and virtual drum pads. With 70 sounds included via the HalionSonic plug-in, Cubasis has a palette of sounds that are ‘ready to go.’ For those who like to employ some loops, to get the creative juices flowing, over 300 MIDI and audio loops are also included.

Cubasis Effects and Plug-ins

When it comes to mixdown, Steinberg Cubasis features a mixer based on its MixConsole technology, complete with 10 effects processors. So, whilst this is not geared towards being a replacement for your current studio DAW, it is still more than capable of producing great results.

Cubasis Editor Windows

Crucially, perhaps, projects can be exported for use in Steinberg’s Cubase packages on your studio Mac or PC. Cool, eh?

Steinberg Cubasis is available now in the Appstore, priced at £34.99. If you’d like to take advantage of its recording capabilities, check out some of the iPad compatible audio interfaces, such as the Focusrite iTrack (currently priced at just £129.99). If you’d like some more advice on using audio interfaces or MIDI controllers with iPad, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).

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