We’re pleased to announce that Steve Hackett is the latest artist to become a Farida endorsee

The term ‘legendary’ is one that is misused constantly, particularly in the world of music. The smallest of achievements seems to justify the term. And yet, there are some artists whose credits make it difficult to argue against this plaudit.

Steve Hackett is one such artist.

The guitarist was a key member of Genesis during what is widely held as the prog-rock band’s ‘golden era’. With a line-up that included Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks, this line-up of the band produced six studio albums that defined an era of progressive music.

Steve’s name is often mentioned as a major influence for other, hugely talented guitarists- he’s truly a guitarist’s guitarist.

Because of this, we’re rather pleased to announce that the legendary, Steve Hackett is the latest artist to become a Farida endorsee.

Forthcoming Steve Hackett Farida 12-string model

Steve Hackett Farida

As you might imagine, when you are widely thought of as one of prog-rock’s most influential guitarists, you tend not to be short of a guitar or two.

To have Steve onboard as a Farida artist, then, is something we’re really rather pleased about. Fans will be even more excited to hear that Farida have a Steve Hackett signature model due to land in the coming months.

We don’t have the full details as yet, but we do have some info, and a few of photographs…

Steve Hackett Farida

The guitar is a 12-string acoustic model, and from what we can see, it appears to be based around Farida’s excellent D-52 6-string model.

This guitar is based on a classic tone wood combination; a spruce top provides plenty of sweet upper frequencies, whilst the mahogany back and sides adds warmth, definition and projection.

Steve’s guitar appears to have a similar, open-pore finish to the D-52. Aside from giving the guitar an understated aesthetic, by virtue of being very thin, this type of finish allows the wood to vibrate more freely, giving the guitar better sustain, and more open tone.

How this will sound on this12-string guitar is a very appealing proposition. But, if previous signature models are anything to go by, it’s going to be pretty special…

Stay posted here for updates.

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